Lolitha Oliver

Lolitha Oliver


In this awesome ministry God has given Lolitha the opportunity to be used for His glory. He has given her songs to touch hearts and break yoke. Lolitha will always put God first.


Singing since she was a small child, Lolitha Oliver became a memeber of the church choir at the tender age of 5. As she grew, she continued to sing for the Lord, beginning with a gospel group that focused on community outreach and sang at the shelters, prisons and for the elderly. Also well-traveled, Lolitha has toured in Nashville TN, San Diego CA, Los Angeles, Ca and Atlanta Ga. on tour spreading the good news. She got to open for Shirley Caesar in Houston for the first time at The Houston Cup Concert while in the group.

Early in her career, Lolitha Oliver sung at the Peoples Workshop in Houston, TX and was a 2-year nominee for The Sammy Davis Jr. Award. It was also during that time were she met The Mighty Clouds of Joy, a long time gospel group from the 80's. In college Lolitha studied Theatre Arts and began to pursue interests in acting. She appeared in the movie Jason's Lyric with stars Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett. In addition, she appeared in The Directors Cut and other small films. She recently appeared in The Preacher's Daughter and Zombified released this year 2012. Despite her endeavors in the secular world, Lolitha always put God first.

After getting married, Lolitha had a son and started her Solo career soon thereafter. She sung at The Gospel By The Sea for several years in Galveston, TX. working with the youth choir as well as singing in the Ensemble headed by Mathew Stanford. She opened for artists such as Bobby Jones & The Nashville Star Choir and Vickie Winans. Along the way, Lolitha's family continued to grow with the addition of a little girl to her family tree.

Lolitha Oliver's music ministry has given her the opportunity to spread God's word and glory to people throughout the world. Guided by her personal motto, "Singing To Reach Souls" Lolitha hopes to inspire others to develop a relationship with God. Lolitha Oliver creates songs capable of touching hearts and penetrating the spirit of mankind. Her goal is to continue to use her talents to reach and motivate others. Thank you for visiting!
God Bless You!
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Written By: Lolitha Oliver


Verse 1: In the night alone and weary.
No one to call or to hold me yeah.
Seems like all I can do, is think about the pain we go through.
This world is lost, and I’m trying to remain…Save….
You said all I had to do…
Is call on you.
You would easy my pain, and turn sunshine out of my rain…
Lord, I need you.
Sometimes I get weak.
Will you guide me through?
But let me remain.. Holy…

Chorus: Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain…
Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain let me remain…

Verse 2: How can we pray, and hold our heads down each and every day.
You keep on making a way Lord…
You keep on blessing me…
I surrender, My….All to you…
I’m gonna wait on your answer of pray Lord.
But let the world know that I’m still hear Holy…

Chorus: Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain…
Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain let me remain…

Prayer Verse: Lord will you wrap your arms around me…
For Lord this is the prayer that I’m praying to you…
Will you give your tender love and mercy
to me Lord, for I know not what to do.
I need I need your everlasting power to protect me
lord for satans works are true.
But with faith and trust in Jesus my life is bonded.
And I surrender my all to you…Holy…

Chorus: Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain…
Holy, Holy, Holy in this world of pain let me remain…

Ending: In this world of pain… let me remain…


Product Details
Holy........Original Release Date: May 8, 2012
Label: Tate Music Group
Copyright: (c) 2012 Tate Music Group
Total Length: 31:59
Christian & Gospel

1. Holy 5:02 .................Currently playing on the radio.
2. Bless Me Lord 3:12
3. Faith 3:55.................Currently playing on the radio.
4. Thank You Lord 3:16
5. Run To Jesus 5:13
6. He's My Shelter 4:11
7. God Is Watching You 2:35
8. I Need Thee 4:35

Set List

She performs with her tracks on cd. She is asking that she have a microphone and system that plays her show tracks for the performance. No background singers are needed. Her tracks provide the background vocals. Music volume needs to be turns ups high so background and music can be heard during the performance. One stool or chair.