Lolo Lovina

Lolo Lovina

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Lolo Lovina play Balkan Gypsy music, musette, swing jazz, Tango and 60's pop.
The band features three Gypsy musicians living in Australia, yet of Hungarian, Serbian and Romanian origin, two Macedonian sax players and a piano / sax / button accordion player who is from Out of Spaceā€¦via Moldova!


With members from Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Macedonia and Australia, virtuosic Gypsy world fusion band Lolo Lovina draw influences from Balkan Gypsies, musette, swing jazz and Tango. The band is fronted by half Australian, half Hungarian Romani-Gypsy singer Sarah Bedak, Ukrainian Pianoist, button accordionist & saxophonist Leonid Beshei, Serbian Gypsy drummer Nenad Radic, Sam Golding on Trumpet, Ljoubo Stojcevski on Clarinet and Saxophone and Bale Stojcevski on Saxophone. We are proudly joined by one of the worlds most renown pianists Elen Rapoport and classically trained Romanian Gypsy violinist Kinel Dragoi.
Band highlights include: Selection by Brian Eno to perform at Luminous Festival, Sydney Opera House. Karavan! Festival 2011-2013 with artists such as The New York Gypsy All Stars, Speigletent for Brisbane Festival, Woodford Festival, Peats Ridge Festival and Guca Festival, Serbia.
Front woman Sarah Bedak half Hungarian Gypsy, half Australian and comes from a long line of Budapest Gypsy salon musicians. Sarah won an Australia Arts Council grant to study in Gypsy music in Eastern Europe and has written, played and recorded with some of the worlds finest Gypsy artists. Sarah is a featured vocalist and song writer on Roma Kal's upcoming album.
Serbian Gypsy Drummer Nenad Radic spent most of his life in Berlin and is now living in Australia. Nenad has played with Cobra Berlin, Fanfara Kalashnikov & Manolis Rasoulis in venues and festivals such as Karneval der Kulturen - Berlin, Gronau Jazzfest - Germany and Ferropolis, Melt! Festival - Germany and Kostrzyn, Przystanek Woodstock - Poland.
Leonid Beshlei is a musician of exceptional standard. He studied button accordion at the Conservatorium in Moldova

'YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE...THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC.' BRIAN ENO Planet/MGM is pleased to be distributing Lolo Lovina's debut album nationally. Musically and culturally we consider the group to be in the forefront of contemporary world music coming out of Australia. Their live performances are exciting, varied and professional with consummate performance skills from all members. ... - Graeme Regan, MGM the Planet Company, 2009 ..Sydney support act Lolo Lovina deserves attention for its spirited and deservedly popular opening performance, in which Romanian Gypsy music, bluegrass and Irish folk were blended with great warmth, sometimes at hair-raising speed. ...saxophone player Leonid Beshlei (was) impressive. - Lynden Barber, The Australian,| June 04, 2009 (Brian Enos Luminous Festival, The Sydney Opera House) With musicians from Ukrainian/Romanian, Hungarian and Brazillian backgrounds, this music is authentic to its roots and played with vigour and precision. -Bradfield Dumpleton, 2009 ...There is no doubting that Baro Love is an impressive first album from a seriously talented local band Seth Jordon, ABC Limelight Magazine, 2009


Baro Love - released 2009 Distributed by MGM the Planet Company

Lolo Lovina's new album 'Kali' is due to be released in June 2013