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"enrico deregibus"

E non è che se trovi tutti i giorni. Ma non solo per questo i lomé vanno tenuti d'orecchio. hanno comunicatività, efficacia, un cantante che sa suonare la voce (stratos, de leo, cose così), e compari che sono allo stesso livello, ottimo ed ottimale: un batterista, un contrabbassista e un pianista, con menzione speciale per quest'ultimo. il disco veleggia quasi dalle parti dell'hard bop (jazz denso) ma trova anche altri approdi - prog, cantautorali, francesi - ed ha un gran vigore, ha asprezze che poi ti piacciono, ma pure liricità. e buone canzoni. Il Famolo strano è fine ma non fine a se stesso, qui si gode pure. interessantissimi.
Enrico Deregibus - rockstar


album: Fiori su marte -2004- edition l'eubage
song in streaming on www.myspace.com/lomeband and on website www.lome.it
compilation: premio tenco2006
Ep 2008: Bugzum



Lome’s biography- April 2008 Riccardo Ruggeri: voice, Andrea Manzoni: piano, hammond, rhodes, moogLuca Bertinaria: contrabassItalo Graziana: drums The Lomè (Lost Memories)was formed in 2001 and their discographic work began in 2003 and finished in July 2004.Their first CD, Fiori su Marte, obtained and is obtaining right now a good critic success.It has been the CD of the month on the Popular Radio in Milan and a great success in every Fnac of Turin and Milan.The Lomè received a quotation at the World Music Festival in Fivizzano and they qualified third in “Strade del cinema”(2002) and at the ”Festival Antonelli”Riccardo Ruggeri (voice) and Andrea Beccaro(drums) won the “PercFest”(2003), the first prise at the “Demetrio Strato”’s competition and the went to the In 2005 they signed a contract with the BTF for the distribution of their CD in Italy, America and Japan and in the same year the band was awarded the first prise at the Blind Awards in Santa Margherita Ligure; afterwards Lome’s concerts took place everywhere in Italy.In autumn they were invited to join the review of the Tenco’s Award(2006), a chance that allowed them to receive good critiques and new enthusiasm.The 2007 it’s a year used to prepare the new discographic work, project that will be launched with a promotional EP in June 2008.Lome’s music is a music that people have to hear, and with this verb I mean its purest meaning. A merit for someone and a defect for someone else. Anyway, if you are patient and you have the hart to complete this work, then an unexpected fact will happen. That music, not easy at all, those words in undiscounted chords, they rest there, in your ears and they don’t leave. We might have to ask us which is the problem. Probably nothing of detail. Just some good music, cured in every tune and in all the arrangements, eviscerated and reconstructed, without loosing the instinct and the goodness of the initial inspiration.Their first CD, Fiori su Marte, has been made reserving a particular care to the sonorities, to the arrangements and trying to investigate the limits of the form authorial song: the strength of the acoustic sound, maintained in their purity, but also raped from effects that haven’t reserved respect for their usual orthodoxy.The imaginative and noise space was created starting from a numerical reflection, far as to constitute a pretext, appears instead as a possible key reading of many adopted situations: four are the musicians, four are the letters which compose the name of the band, four are the musical instruments, more often than not, the provision of musical instruments is teragonal and so the solid and monolithic first impression of listening has got a tetragon form. Complying with it, it changes the perimeter within which a new code and a new musical experience create unusual sound alchemies .The Lomè represent something new for the Italian Music copyright. Strong texts which remind the Tenco’s style, but on a music played with virtuosity, very distant from the tradition of the italian sonwriters.We can find without friction the dynamism of the King Crimson and the Area’s performance ( singer and drummer who won the Demetrio Stratos award in 2004), melodies and standards with poly-rhythms which remind Zappa… but the important thing is that they are the Lomè.

Biography:Everything begins with the “Lost Memories, loosing keys in a claustrophobic known environment, so swollen and full that it seems empty.After a quotation at the WMF 2001 in Fivizzano, the first training change come: Bertinaria join the band and Demetrio leaves. “Excuse me, can you tell me where it is? The problem is that if you need it, but what do you need? And so let’s start, hunters with anachronistic flags over an even cardboard three wheeled piano”.Thanks to the collaboration of the saxophonist Stefano Melis, Lomè got the third place at the “Strade del Cinema” competition and they got in contact with the “L’Eubage”.“And if you turn around? Turn around!... Well.. left behind, new age wagons of mercy that can be used only for fast food fillings.Enrico with “L’Eubage” shows his proposals (2003) and Lomè let their music play. “But tell me at least where you are going?!? Precisely, let me find a comb to brush the time bottom, which than is like Mars: Find living beings: Flowers.January 2004: recording of the first CD:” Fiori su Marte” (Flowers on Mars)September 2004:promotion of Fiori su Marte “How hard it is to find a place on the Earth!”2005: