BandHip Hop

A car full of Jazz, soul and funk musicians stuck on a railroad get hit by a train full of intoxicated rappers. Creative, original, quality hip hop that will hit all ages. Sarcastic social commentary with a positive attitude plus hard hitting, head nodding beats covering numerous genres of music.


I've been involved with music my entire life. I've both played and listened to numerous styles of music, however hip hop is my backbone.
My music is a combination of strong original instrumentals plus lyrics resulting from an overactive brain that won't stop thinking. Lots of energy, lots of emotion and lots of good hip hop music. Influenced by life, both hard times and good. By friends and musicians that surround to music from across the globe. Music is my passion, hip hop is my art. I plan to expand and grow constantly, build and collaborate with artists from all aspects of life and art.


New music constantly added on myspace.com/lomohiphop
Random air plays on local hour on local stations

Set List

Sets vary depending on new tracks and guest vocal availability. Generally 10-15 tracks about 45 min. but easily adjustable for time. No covers