Londel Cook

Londel Cook

 Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Londel Cook is a young, anointed artist that sings from his heart. His songs touch your soul and his performance captivates you. He writes and composes his own material, further displaying is diverse abilities. Londel Cook has the whole package.


Londel Leon Cook is innovative, unique and quickly being revered as a musical prodigy. As a recognized and highly sought after vocalist, producer and songwriter, Cook has revolutionized the genre of Gospel music by creating a sound that is infused with energy along with melodies and lyrics that are unforgettable and powerful. Londel Leon Cook is a 29 year old native of Flint, MI. He attends Kingdom Life Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Alvernis Johnson. Cook is an outstanding vocalist and songwriter, who has been performing since the age of three.

His debut album, "Still I Am," has garnered the attention of many and received outstanding reviews, as well as his first single, "Rejection," and latest single, "Stay Here." Cook strives to gain attention with his innovative sound and change lives with the message of salvation, and his music and ministry has touched the lives of countless people. Open up your hearts and ears to receive the blessings that God has for you through this anointed minister of music. - Still IAM Londel


Stay Here

Written By: Londel Cook

Verse 1:
What is this you changed up my life now completely
What is this you've broken everything that's against me
What is this when I look around in my life and all the darkeness is already gone
When i was about to give up (you sustained me)
When that devil made me wanna cuss (you restrained me)
I'm not tryna be explicit but I just want you to know that these are some of my confessions.

I'm done playin with time got my destination on my mind.
I'm sayin I made up my mind that I'm gone live right if i got to stay here..stay here.

Verse 2:
Life and the struggle on your mind (He can change it)
Bills got chu workin over time (He can change it)
Cuz you out of tune
You need to do what I'm tellin you.
And put the devil under your shoes
God didn't send his son down here to die for us to live and die undone.

(He saved me)
It doesn't matter what the devil say
(He saved me)
Because you're gone win anyway
(He saved me)
And that's the real 'cause he saved me


Rejection (Single) - 2013
Stay Here (Single) - 2013

Set List

Stay Here
I Love You