London Egg

London Egg


Mod Rocker brothers with The "Brit-York Sound". If you take The Beatles message of love and spirituality, The Stones sexual bravado, pair that up with The Who's musical forcefulness and DRAG IT THRU THE STREETS OF NEW YORK, that's pretty much the London Egg "Brit-York" sound.


After being hatched in their native NYC, the two brothers spent their early years playing in various rock bands individually and being influenced predominantly by 60's and 70's Classic British Rock (Beatles, The Who, The Stones, Kinks, Bowie amongst others). In 2004, they started writing songs together and found a unique sound emerging that contained musical elements both old and new. This is how they came to create their Mod Rocking, "Brit-York Sound".


CD album "London Egg, In The Beginning..."
Various songs from the CD are being played on AtomRetro's "Cosmic Empire" internet radio station and on FM98.5 CKWR Radio in Ontario Canada.

Set List

We play various songs from our CD and variate the set list show to show. Now and then we will include a cover song by one of our musical influences (such as The Who) as well as a song by other friend's bands to help promote their music as well.