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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"New York City-based duo of brothers who pull together a panoply of inspirational launching points (many of them British - duh! They are London Egg, after all, right?!) all of which not only resonate and connect with my own but are ones that should connect with Not Lamers, far and wide. You know from the first song "Turn On The Scene" you are in for a ultra-cool ride. Elsewhere, on "Fool Again" they pull off the unlikely success story of making an unreleased Cheap Trick-like song come alive but London Egg know how to rock it up with power-packing display of Who-cum-Blue Cheer intensity on "Lets Motor". Being creators of a Brit-York sound, how can we escape the impact of T. Rex? Well, thankfully, we do not - it is here but so is a lot of 40 years of rock history. In fact, much of this material sounds like stunning, archival, unreleased recordings from many known and unknown mid/late 60s greats. Cool?
You bet, in spades!" - Bruce Brodeen - Not Lame Records

"New Group LONDON EGG Stirring the Colonies"

It’s somewhat of a revival. Call it a rebirth, if you will. It’s like going back in time to swinging London or Manchester, watching The WHO and The Kinks. Sheer melodrama that you won’t mind. Shelve it, if you desire, but it’s the best fun you will have in a long while. And the music is awesome.
They go about turning on the scene, growing a garden of delights in a dark city, making a home for the English culture deprived. No hip-hop beats here!
Rap, hip-hop, soul, metal, screamo (whatever the f*** that is), and now even emo (thank god) are dead. DEAD. There is nothing cool going on there any longer. Does anyone else notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!
- Adam Welch
- Manchester Evening News

"New York's New Brit Sound Causing Quite a Stir, London Egg"

"There is something cool happening here. It's new. It's old. Call it revisited if you like, but its here with a lot of power and movement. London Egg's songs are strong and quite contagious. Maybe infectious. But however you try to label them, they are fun to hear. Even empowering. Their new CD full length album "In The Beginning..." is well worth the price of flying on your own cloud of cool, away from the heathens who won't get it. Many of us DO get it, though. -
Jensen Campbell
Freelance Journalist, Associated Press - The Underground Hedgehog

"International Pop Overthrow"

"Highlights from Night Number Four of IPO Boston: Up from New York, London Egg brought their mod-inflected power pop with them to PA's Lounge, and their set was probably the best performance I've ever seen them do!" - David Bash


LP - "In The Beginning..."

London Egg's "In The Garden" won Second Prize in the "Next Gretsch Greats" International song contest, out of 879 bands worldwide and was voted the #1 song on's Cosmic Empire internet radio station for 8 months straight.
They are also regulars on FM98.5 CKWR Radio in Ontario Canada, Plastico Elastico 101.3/106 FM in Madrid, UIC Radio in Chicago,, Kerascene Music, DJBuddhaMan's International Experience & Cyril’s Hollywood Jukebox on and internet radio. They have also appeared on Fox network’s Fearless Music TV show. Live interviews on John Darlington’s Internet Radio Show and The Great Debate with DJ Tacologic on radio.



“Mod Rocker Brothers with the "Brit-York Sound". After being hatched in their native New York City, two brothers, Robes London and Egg, spent their early years playing in various rock bands individually and
being influenced predominantly by 60's and 70's Classic British Bands
(Beatles, The Who, The Stones, Kinks, Bowie amongst others). In 2004,
they started writing songs together and found a unique sound emerging
that contained musical elements both old and new. This is how they came
to create their Mod Rocking, "Brit-York Sound". Adding Boston native
Chris Paine on 2nd guitar/vocals in 2013 continued to solidify London
Egg's musical attack. Recently, they have leveraged their own French
Connection, Julien Budrino, on drums- C'est la vie! Despite pulling influences from nearly every genre, the boys still stay true to that gritty, rough vibe of their home in New York City.