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"Campus Concert: London Spy, Conspicuous even when in the dark."

Ricardo Bortolon, Associate Staff Contributor
On Friday the 6th, the Highland Pub completed its Concert Series with a large contingent…
Most of the groups, bands, and duos had talented members, but none of them quite captivated the crowd like London Spy. Their members were all very talented, with not less than three of them playing multiple instruments throughout the show. Peter Morelli alone sang and played bass, guitar, and cello. The show opened with a strong indie song with solid trumpet, followed by a number of songs which included the infrequently seen cello, usually played by Casey Leung.
London Spy's strength comes from their stage presence. Unlike a number of the other groups playing that night, London Spy was aware that the crowd was not only watching them, but that the crowd also wanted to watch them. From that self-realised confidence came soft bass lines accompanied with rhythmic guitar.
Unfortunately Martin Utley rang the trumpet only once, but that mixed mash of instruments and talent complemented the crowd especially well. The band was really into it, and no crowd can enjoy live music if the band playing it doesn't love all those staring eyes. Mike Morelli really ate it up, blaring on his axe from on top of the speakers a few times. Even Sean Tyson, sequestered to the drums in the back, contributed to the vibe of the room, not missing a beat.
The set was very full — the last band, Better Friends than Lovers, being cut short by the stringent liquor license, although no one was drinking by that point. The other groups were an eclectic mix of faces, but most being of the rock/indie quality. One that came on early were a duo, shades of the White Stripes covering Slipknot. It wasn't entirely good, but it was surely entertaining, and the two quite nearly pulled off a good song, or two.
The Concert Series ended that night, but SFSS organiser and Member Services Officer Glyn Lewis expressed his hopes to expand the musical events at the Highland Pub in the future. They'll have no trouble bringing people in as word spreads about London Spy.
- The Peak (Simon Fraser University News Paper): Arts - Issue 7, Volume 124 — October 16, 2006


Last summer we spent a weekend recording a four-song EP titled the 'heroes and monsters EP." This was out first encounter as a full band with recording. This proved to be a very rewarding and beneficial experience. At this point, we have not had any radio play (to our knowledge), but we stream many of our songs through the internet sites 'Myspace' and CBC 3's 'New Music Canada.'

We have also spent some time informally working with a local producer. Such collaborations have resulted in a recording of one of our singles.



London Spy can be described as a five-piece melodic, atmospheric, progressive indie-rock band of musicians currently based in Vancouver British Columbia. While London Spy’s sound combines influences from life, university education and many musical genres, it is the original creative contributions of each member that make London Spy’s sound and style distinctive. London Spy is hard to place into a definitive category. We see this as a strength. A unique and original sound in a band is hard to come by these days. This is why we think you should hear what we have recorded and see us perform live.

London Spy began when the brothers Mike and Peter Morelli decided to move to Vancouver and attend Simon Fraser University. It was at SFU that they met the cello player and vocalist Casey Leung. The three friends began to write acoustic/folk/classically influenced music and perform their songs at various 'open mic' opportunities. Soon however, they met drummer Sean Tyson. Sean's capabilities as a drummer began to push London Spy's songwriting into a more indie-rock influenced sound. While London Spy has still remained true to their 'folk roots,' the possiblity of having a full band appealed to the four friends and musicians. Thus, when they met piano, trumpet, and bass player Martin Utley, they asked him to join the band immediately. The result is the five piece indie-band that has been playing shows and gaining a strong reputation in the Vancouver area over the past year and a half. They are an enthusiatic and dedicated group of accomplished musicians who love to share their music with anyone who will listen.