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"London to Tokyo … and for Simon Steadman, to L.A."

by kevin bronson on August 6, 2009

It occurred to me Wednesday night at the Viper Room that there ought to be a club in Los Angeles called the Major Label Refugees. Card-carrying members could get a discount at Guitar Center, or half off breakfast at Mel’s, or something. We could mount an annual Major Label Refugees Festival. “You’d have enough bands for week’s worth of shows,” somebody laughed.

That came to mind watching the gripping set from London to Tokyo, a new quartet fronted by English transplant Simon Steadman. He had a quintet called Steadman on Elektra early this decade for two albums, the latter of which, “Revive” (2003), rather famously got an endorsement from Paul McCartney. "The band Steadman have the songs, the musicianship, the energy and the enthusiasm to blow the top off any club, or arena, and, if given a listen, have that rare quality -- the ability to deliver! I like this band!!" - Paul McCartney.

Steadman married an American girl, settled in L.A., wrote music for movies (”The first time I made money as a musician,” he says with a smile) and, eventually, missed being in a band. “I missed being in a gang — that’s what being in a band is,” he says.

* ||| Download: “The Anthem” and visit Steadman’s website to download the entirety of the band’s catalogue, as well as the never-released album by Steadman’s previous band, the Dharmas.

London to Tokyo’s new five-song EP began as a garage collaboration between Steadman and drummer Justin Butler. But after toying with the idea of going it as a two-piece with backing tracks, the pair decided “that this was rock music and rock music deserves a band,” Butler says. Bassist Curtis Roach came aboard, and ex-Steadman guitarist James Board (since returned to England and replaced by Martin Estrada) played on the recordings.

The results? Quite good. London to Tokyo’s muscular Britpop is not a far cry from Steadman’s gauzy melodicism — imagine, if you can, an optimistic Oasis. “S.M.S.” makes a nifty single, and “The Anthem” is just that, a capacious number with ringing guitars. “When I wrote it,” he says, “I imagined playing it on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.” He doesn’t have to stretch his imagination, though — with the Dharmas, he played that very stage. -


5 songs available to listen to at
album release Jan 2010



London to Tokyo formed in mid 2008 in Los Angeles when Simon Steadman, frontman and songwriter from Elektra records’ Steadman, partnered with drummer Justin Butler from Sacramento rockers Tenfold. The music that grew out of this union kept the yearning pop melodicism of Steadman, but married it to crunching Queens of the Stone Age inspired riff rock with subtle undercurrents of electronica. Bassist Curtis Roach from Shooter Jenning’s Stargunn and lead guitarist Nicholas J Tyler from Scottish band Driveblind - signed to A&M/Geffen Records rounded out the ensemble providing the rumble and the sheen. Think Coldplay meets the Kings of Leon backstage at an Oasis show somewhere from London to Tokyo....