To venture inside the introspective music of Lonekilty is to experience the freedom and the dark truths of what lies within us all, the pursuit of purpose, the pain of longing and the healing of redemption.


The once journeyman musician found himself at the edge of death after a near fatal motorcycle accident. One year of recovery and after regaining the ability to play Lonekilty has become a buzz artist in NYC. Much of this buzz is due to his much anticipated sophomore album ‘If at first you don’t succeed, stop wasting your time. Cheers’. The last few months have seen Lonekilty come into his own as a songwriter, artist and showman. Pulling in great crowds around NYC and playing three unparalleled shows at the legendary CBGB’s Gallery.


"If at first you don't succeed, stop wasting your time. Cheers."

Set List

Staples of an ever changing, one hour, set list

1. in my next one…
2. Stole the city’s noise
3. dont be esceared
4. Almost to China
5. Too Drunk to Dream
6. Used, Abused, and Invisible
7. Lucky (Brand New)
8. The night they never met (Brand New)
9. simplicity (Brand New)
10. Her new name just doesn't suit her (Brand New)
11. Three Kings
12. Thanks to the North Wind
13. The bottle empties
14. Alaskan Fisherboy

1. That's the way the world goes 'round
2. Dirty old town