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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Quotes by NY Times contributing writer:"

“An iron-worker for a number of years Lonekilty walked a steady step hundreds of feet above Manhattan streets. At night he would play his music in the tunnels of the subway, to the commuters rushing home and to the drunks with no where to go. When I saw him play, Lonekilty's music would stop New Yorkers in their tracks.”

“Fairbairn was in a motorcycle crash which left him in a coma and the doctors saying that he would come out of it paralyzed or not at all. His recovery shocked everyone except the few who really knew him”

- Jennifer Bain

"Quotes by NY Times contributing writer:"

“People break hearts, almost die, drink too much and do imperfect things all of the time. Once in a while you see someone who is perfect. By perfect I mean someone who is perfectly at ease at what they are doing. Doing something so naturally, flawlessly, and seemingly effortless that you stop what you are doing, you put down your drink and turn away from your chattering friends and you watch. For one moment all else is forgotten. This happens with Chris when he is on stage with a guitar in his hands and a spotlight in his eyes, and his fingers moving smoothly and fast and just when you wonder how he does it, he turns the guitar over and plays it upside down, or puts it behind his head, or plays with his teeth, and you don't even think 'this is too much,' you simply stand with your mouth open and when your friend pokes you you glance over and say 'I know.'”

“It is gorgeous and terrifying watching him on stage. You will come to know the music of Lonekilty. It is inevitable. Ladies, come in nice undies or none at all, and guys, run for the hills and hide your ho's.” - Jennifer Bain


"If at first you don't succeed, stop wasting your time. Cheers."


Feeling a bit camera shy


The once journeyman musician found himself at the edge of death after a near fatal motorcycle accident. One year of recovery and after regaining the ability to play Lonekilty has become a buzz artist in NYC. Much of this buzz is due to his much anticipated sophomore album ‘If at first you don’t succeed, stop wasting your time. Cheers’. The last few months have seen Lonekilty come into his own as a songwriter, artist and showman. Pulling in great crowds around NYC and playing three unparalleled shows at the legendary CBGB’s Gallery.