Lonely Drifter Karen

Lonely Drifter Karen


A captivating voice, a fiery piano, a gentle acoustic guitar wandering into an expressionist cabaret, melodies, melodies and more melodies, words, emotion and magic: welcome to the unique world of Lonely Drifter Karen.


Lonely Drifter Karen is a musical project founded by the Austrian singer Tanja Frinta in 2003. The music combines folk, Dark Cabaret and pop rooted in a European context. Her co-musicians are pianist and producer Marc Melià Sobrevias from Spain and Italian Giorgio Fausto Menossi on drums and percussions.
Tanja Frinta started writing her own songs in her early childhood and played in various bands from the age of 15, including the genres hardcore, punk and indie pop. She founded Lonely Drifter Karen in 2003 when she left her native Austria to move to Gothenburg, Sweden where she stayed for three years. Her first EP Sinsweetime was released on the Viennese recordlabel Fettkakao, consisting of four songs. She played small venue concerts all over Europe before she met her current band members. In 2006 Frinta moved from Sweden to Spain. The initial experiment of recording a few songs with Marc Melià and Giorgio Menossi in Barcelona led to their first stage performances as a trio and the following of a small tour in Italy, Austria and Poland. From December 2006 until January 2008 Frinta and Melià had been recording the debut album Grass is Singing, which was released by Crammed Discs in May 2008 in Europe, June 2008 in the US and September 2008 in Cananda. The Canadian release of the album is in collaboration with Montreal based Semprini Records who has also released Lonely Drifter Karen´s 7" The Owl Moans Low in July 2008.
Watch Lonely Drifter Karen´s concert live in Paris here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy23oacTVDQ


LP - "Grass Is Singing" (CRAM132), released on Crammed Discs in May 2008
EP -"Sinsweetime", released on Fettkakao 2005

Radio airplay: "This World Is Crazy", played on BBC Radio 1, UK (Rob Da Bank), BBC Radio 3, UK, (Late Junction)

Tracks streamable from www.myspace.com/lonelydrifterkaren