Lonely Horse

Lonely Horse

 San Antonio, Texas, USA
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A 2-piece Ghost Rock outfit that shines through you bedroom window. All about the feels and mood. Welcome to Lonely Horse


Lonely Horse, an utterly unbreakable beast, is back at full speed, in all its mad majesty.

The San Antonio duo of Nick Long and Travis Hild (newly turned trio with the addition of Harvey McLaughlin on keys) crafts emotionally heavy, desert blues-rock, sometimes possessed by the delirious clarity of a vision quest, sometimes grungy and swampy.

Lonely Horse's songs seethe and churn like a massive snake with no escape from a summertime tin roof garage. In the live setting, as has been captured admirably well on its records, the band is as furious as it is enchanting, exploding in the kinetic energy that the spiritual immediacy of its songs generates. This mustang can gracefully gallop just as well as it can serenely saunter or rudely rage forth.

With Hild on drums and Long leading the charge as principal songwriter, singer, and guitarist, Lonely Horse has released two EPs (My Desert Son, Death to Our Death) and one LP (Desert Sons) since its start in 2009. Recently, certain real life events compelled the band to release the fierce yet reflective single “Devil in the White House.”

The band has also toured throughout the U.S., won a Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio Battle of the Bands contest and narrowly missed the top 25 in the Hard Rock Rising global contest (2013), won a spot on Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival (2014), rocked CMJ (2015), flirted with a few major labels, and endeared itself to thousands, in soul and in sweat.

Quite simply, Lonely Horse is such a singular force, demanding the rapt attention of your full faculties, that, in its hometown, the band could probably fill a venue every night of the week. This year, however, Lonely Horse is headed out on the road to fill venues and melt faces elsewhere.

The San Antonio Current’s Travis Buffkin calls the band a “shamanistic, dynamic duo,” while the alt-weekly’s Matt Steib says: “simple, strong and unwavering, Lonely Horse’s pounding rock is not something to be ignored.”

Also writing for the SA Current, James Courtney framed this apt description of the band’s sound: “Lonely Horse makes a cactus-ache groan, a man-hurt ruckus, a no-bullshit, scarred and angst-charred plea for mercy and/or redemption in jagged sonic form.”

Texas Public Radio’s Miranda Whitus has referred to the band’s “wild, dynamic soundscape,” noting that “although it’s just the two of them, they’re able to create the experience of hearing a full band.”

Suffice it to say that Lonely Horse, running wild in the plains of its own creativity, is an act to watch. Not because they are about to blow up, but because you owe it to yourself to take the deep dive, to insist on art that reflects genuine pain and dread, even while crackling with spiritual lightning, art that grows as proud and hopeful as weeds, between the expectations and oppressions of a society that prizes products over passion.

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Seven Sisters

Written By: Lonely Horse(nick long)

We were just a wondering
and then we saw the flames
burning from a distant plane
calling out our names
and then i heard the clouded screams
of fathers and thier sons
and daughters and thier mothers
wanting to be loved

They prayed for rain
but it never came
the fire oh it won
taking everyone

And those who had escaped the flames
were heading for a stream
hoping that it quencehed the flames
while they tried to breath
but i was thinking to myself
these people were all lost
cause no ones going to make it home
today they burn in hell!

They prayed for rain
but it never came
the fire oh it won
taking everyone

Lloyd and Karen Walten?

Written By: Lonely Horse(nick long)

After the fire had burned
i picked up what was left
of my soul and i found
the Great Spirit's Song
and he told me son
"you've got a lot to lose.. but more
to gain"
so i laughed at all my sins

he dont cry no more
he dont cry no more
the old man is dead
yeah he is dead forever dead
and these were just the words
you hear from my voice while
you sleeping

And after my family died
they left me all alone
to sing sad songs of blackfoot
but i couldnt help to compromise
thier fall
so i ran i ran, i ran into the Sun

he dont cry no more
he dont cry no more
the old man is dead
yeah he is dead forever dead
and these were just the words
you hear from my voice while
you sleeping

Im a dirty sinner gonna burn in Hell
unless i change my sinfull ways
im a broken man
And my Father falls me everyday
but i never pick it up
im afraid of what hes gonna say
And theres a weary house on a hill
where i learned to hate my self
the mirrors showed a broken man
and no more love, and no more pain
i had to learn to lay it down
ohh this depression it is killing me!


We're Brothers! We're Brothers" Self Release 2009
"My Desert Son" -2013
"Desert Sons" Pt 2 -Neauvou Riche Records -2015

Set List

We play anywhere from 5 to 10 songs depending on time limit we do all originals