Lonely The Seabird

Lonely The Seabird


It's great, it's really great. They got songs about boxing and songs about india and they got songs about stuff where you can't even figure out what the song's about! And they got guitars and they shamble and shuffle and ramble and grunt. And they ain't got no jobs.


it's hoppy it's rocky and rolly music made by people who are cool. It's rad and once this old lady was dancing to it at a show!

She was too old to dance so they told her to sit down.


"From the Top of The Stairs" LP - 2006 Peach Pit Records
"50 Years" EP - 2007 Peach Pit Records

Set List

1.She's Growing Lakestar Forgesmasher
2. Jicama is a Kind of Angry Potato
3. Leaves of Brass
4. Hands off the Baby
5. The Rascal Cream Cake Fiasco
6. Questions of Celestial Intellectualization and the Garment of Earthly Delights
7. Here comes thebaby

No covers. Approximate running time - 5 minutes.