Lone Official

Lone Official


Lone Official make a southern mash of Bonnie Prince Billy, Pavement, Velvet Underground and Television. Quickshift southern rock with a country heart.


After the century turned, Matt Button left Louisville, Kentucky, where they make post-rock and baseball bats, and memorialise the birthplace of Muhammad Ali, and headed south to Nashville, in search of musical inspiration. He’d been working on a few songs with his only friend there at the time, Josh Garcia. Within weeks he was pulling beer at the infamous Springwater Club: one night Matt went to the microphone with his guitar, solo; soon after, he was joined by drummer Ben Martin (who’d played with Lambchop and Justin Earle), then others. This was the start of Lone Official.

Alongside Matt and Ben were Sam El Amri (guitar), Brian Nicholls (lap steel), Ryan Norris (keyboards), and Eric Williams (bass). Local luminaries Lambchop were so impressed they named a song after them.

After the hook-up with Honest Jon’s, and it came time to record the tales of Tuckassee Take, it was only natural for the group to knock on the door of Lambchop member and producer, Mark Nevers. For the album, Lone Official were joined by their friends – and stalwarts of Nevers’ Beech House set-up – Paul Niehaus, Pete Finney, William Tyler, Roy Agee and Tony Crow. The record was released in Europe on July 17, 2006 and Astralwerks will issue it in the states in January.


Lost My Ass

Written By: Matt Button

lost my ass
in the bluegrass today
hit the pick three and walked
try not to hear
what oddsmakers say
sit in the grandstand and wait

wait for time to pass
snapshot under glass

went to cash in
the teller did say
steward's inquiry
all bets on hold
spent all my change
on cheap chardonnay
my horse was pulled from
the win

wait for time to pass
snapshot under glass
wait for time to pass
my ticket
to the grass

Aught Years

Written By: Matt Button

can't get closer
when you're standing by the rail
working an angle
you stare those skulls in
their eyes

and when did you first know
what you never could give up
did you dive head first
or did somebody push you in?

and now you're thinking
that he's got something on his mind
and now we're feeling
just like a bloodhound in a lake
and now we're sweating
i'm on my third glass of iced tea
and now you're thinking
that he's got something on the side

local color
is always so hit or miss
in a town of schemers
you run your luck on
the skill crane

its easy to say this
as I'm walking out the door
don't wake up Lucy
and leave that laundry alone

and now you're thinking
have you got something in your eye?
and now you're reaching
I know, I know
and now we're reeling
I've never seen hands move so fast
and now you're feeling
that I'm that something on the line

Pretty Waters

Written By: Matt Button

there's a few things
that I need to know

tell us the story
how this window broke

who's that on the porch?
who's that at the door?

I bought the same old line
that I did before

its in the air
so hard to breathe
its in their face
how they hang so loosely
and when you find
what you think you came for
you'll hang on forever

you can hit the scrim
if you think its trim

covering the stage
with their speak and says

I've seen you give your blood
for a night of fun

but how's it gonna play
when the night man says
"you gotta jump your leg"

its like you know
how to stay far away
and close enough to
hear the songs that they play
are you prepared to relive this same day
over and over?

hear the music play
hear the piper say
"five thousand dollars
that's a lot of cash"


Lone Official - Self Titled - Set International Records 2003

Lone Official - Tuckassee Take - Honest Jon's/Astralwerks - 2006/2007


Set List

Typical set 45 minutes - an hour and a half
Recent set list

Aught Years
Pony Ride
Pretty Waters
Fight Song
Country Strong
Stall of the Steed
Le Coq Sportif
Amelia Earhart
Bacon Creek
Dumb Waiter