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Santa Clara, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Santa Clara, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Rock Metal




"So Damn Good!"

Guitarist Bill Lonero and crew have gear endorsements out the wazoo, promotional help from Apple Computer, two-million MySpace plays, and they claim to have invented "instrumental guitarcore," so you should really hate them. But you can't, because they're just so damn good......- Guitar Player Magazine/October 2007 - Guitar Player Magazine

"Barrage of beautiful notes"

WOW! I mean wow! LoNero have most certainly got the funk! An instrumental band that hit you like a barrage of beautiful notes with dancey rhythms and the most complex solos I’ve heard and loved... now I’m not a massive fan of guitar wanking but these guys don’t wank with their instruments! Like painting a beautiful painting with so many colors bringing in influences from all genres of music and creating a soft complex cushion of sound. Has a sense of Jimi Hendrix acid trip songs and almost just as genius and so many differences in mood. The band is very well knitted together and throws you in to their world and swings you around. Like a little adventure in their songs out of 5 ear friendly: 5 Balls: 3 Production: 5 Bounce: 3 Tune: 5 - Myspace

"Bad ass"

Jesus.. You guys are fucking bad ass. I hate 99% of the garbage bands on myspace but you guys are sick. Lots of feeling, great guitar work. I'm pretty impressed. I couldn't stop headbanging haha. I'm already a fan. - Myspace

"Best Disc I Own"

Relentless is awesome, While doing my school on pc(homeschooled) I put it on and just listen to it for hours. The rock keeps you interested for hours while not boring you after repeating it alot. I can definetly say that relentless is the best disc I own! Thanks a million!!!You rule!!!!! - Cory Harton

"Best Instrumental"

Best instrumental rock band in the last 10 years, easy. - Petition Online

"Guitarcore to the Core"

At first I was like "What the hell is guitarcore?" then I heard Relentless and was like "WHOA! Now I know". This cd is unlike any instrumental guitar cd out there. It's heavy yet melodic. It's expressive yet at times it's punishing. It's dark yet beautiful. This cd is the bridge between instrumental rock and vocal music. This is definitely the beginning of a new genre. - Mike Ashley

"Missing Void"

Not all rock songs have to have lyrics, Metallica, Megadeth, both have done instramentals, some of the best, and in my opinion not enough of them, LoNero, fills a void missing in rock.... music! - Jason Bayles

"Ready for the Airwaves"

BATTLE AXES: Pumping out straight-ahead, all-instrumental rock with the technical precision of a computer engineer whiz on speed, LoNero takes the stage at VooDoo tonight supporting their long-awaited sophomore album, Relentless. Led by one of the best guitarists in the local scene, Bill Lonero, the quartet rips out metal-laced rock anthems that are as polished as anything you're going to find circulated on the airwaves or the well-established arena circuit. If you dig the sounds of Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, but don't feel like kicking down half your paycheck to Ticketmaster to see them live, swing by the VooDoo and check out what this local ax-man and LoNero bring to the amp wars. - San Jose Metro

"Beautiful Work of Art"

What I dig about LoNero, despite it's just great to listen to and I revel in the way it shapes my mood, what I dig is that all of the instruments are actively a part of everything. It isn't background with a dominant guitar, like wallpaper for the solo. I'm not such a good listener to have the musical finesse to truly appreciate the richness of the sound you create, but I sense enough to know that if I wanted to share a sound with someone who was a true master of rock, I'd let them have a listen to LoNero. On top of which, even though it's hard rock, it's got a positive vibe that emanates from the music emotionally! - Beth Taylor

"True Emotion"

LoNero's music has something you don't hear a lot in today's music...true emotion. You can feel the music as well as hear it. From as soft as a butterfly landing on your hand to as heavy as a sledgehammer slamming you in the face. LoNero makes you feel every single note. The best way to desrcibe it is true musical honesty. - Rick Bugera - BLPA

"Instrumental Record of 2016"

"....THE instrumental record of 2016 wasn’t issued by [Steve] Vai, [Yngwie] Malmsteen, [Paul] Gilbert or any of the 'marquee names.' That distinction belongs to LoNero for their album ‘The Defiant Machine.’ Who doesn’t love an underdog?" - Oregon Music News

"Tour-de force of Guitar Wizardry"

"...‘Guitarcore’ greats LoNero have issued their 3rd effort ‘The Defiant Machine’ which is a tour-de force of guitar wizardry. LoNero tackles an ongoing theme of war throughout [the album] which is seamlessly linked together by a combination of brilliant use of sound bites and presidential speech excerpts...." - Metal Titans

"Pushing the limits"

"...Undoubtedly influenced by six-string heroes Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and Joe Satriani, he is pushing the limits in both songwriting and shredding. .." - The Metal Den


Relentless - 2007

J.F.L. - 2010 

The Defiant Machine - 2016



Being in a band is hard work. Being in an all instrumental rock band is even harder. Get rid of the stereotype in your head. This isn't a band all about the lead guitarist playing non-stop solos for 20 minutes. This is a band of 4 musicians that love playing music. It's about the song and the fans. Bill Lonero (Lead/Harmony/Rhythm Guitar), J.R. Manalili (Rhythm/Harmony/Lead Guitar), Mike McKaigg (Bass) and Will Sharman (Drums) are about to release their latest CD "The Defiant Machine". 11 songs about how war is the ultimate defiant machine. That's right, it's an instrumental theme album. 
In 2014 and 2015, LoNero was invited by guitar legend Tony MacAlpine to be his main support on two U.S. tours. From coast to coast and beyond, LoNero gained new fans in every city they played and built their momentum up like only touring can do. 
LoNero's upcoming third CD will prove that they aren't just about rehashing what they've done before. This album is a complete departure from previous album while still maintaining the sound of Guitarcore that LoNero created.