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"New Track: Lonesome Ghost "Seashell""

It’s getting a little chilly up here. The winter is knocking on your door and your hands are screaming for some cozy company from their long lost friends called the gloves. What else would you wanna listen to than a nice beach pop song about seashells? Check out Lonesome Ghost’s new song Seashell and take that mind trip back to your lovely summer holiday. - Massive Talent

"Last Night: Real Estate, Big Troubles, Lonesome Ghost"

Opening act Lonesome Ghost, a young dream pop band from Austin by way of Richardson, impressed with a unique stage set up. The entire band stood on the front edge of the stage, including the drummer, who played on a rigged stand-up kit. - Dallas Observer

"Witness This: Lonesome Ghost"

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing innocence and passion transform into greatness. Lonesome Ghost are four young Texans from Dallas who graduated high school last year and are on the verge of something grand. Working out of Austin they have forged a unique dreamy beach pop brand of music. The sound could be generalized as part Real Estate part Girls and part The Generationals.

Their four song EP is cleverly titled None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know. It is an affirmation that they write these songs for themselves and from their own experiences with a smart-ass attitude that all of us can relate to. The title draws me in, wanting to know more about these four. The four songs all have a similar beachy guitar feel but vary in tempo and end up being quite dynamic showcasing great range.

Lonesome Ghost best describes their EP themselves:

“We recorded this brief collection of songs when we finished high school, in the summer. It is both a relieved “good-bye” and an uncertain “hello” (but not to anyone in particular). It reminds you of the feeling you get in your legs when you’ve been in the ocean for a while and your body feels like its being hit by invisible waves.”

Face it, high school was an awkward time and most of our best friends these days aren’t the ones from high school. I’m glad that Lonesome Ghost is comprised of four great friends who are capable of transforming adolescent experiences into beautiful music that transcends age and life experience. Somebody better sign these guys soon.

I Was Only Trying To was my favorite song upon my initial first listen of the EP. It builds perfectly and has a great tempo, with lyrics that couldn’t be written better by anyone:

High school and “the Golden Rule.” I played the games, and I played the fool.
Then, I got caught looking at what I can’t have, and wasted so much time just to make you laugh…

Where have all my good thoughts gone? Have I chased them away or have they moved along?
Yeah, well, I never got the chance to say: I love it when you wear your hair that way.

But, when the winter’s winds have died, and all the leaves go green on the trees again,
you’ll find that I was only trying to catch you like the falling star you are, to me.

Set me free from this net I’m in. Yeah, cut the ties and let me swim.
I got caught looking at what I can’t have. And not a day goes by where I don’t look back and say…

When the winter’s winds have died, and all the leaves go green on the trees again,
you’ll find that I was only trying to catch you like the falling star you are, to me.
Because these dudes are so rad you can download their EP for free here and the track Seashell here.

Help Lonesome Ghost fulfill their Christmas wish of 400+ facebook followers by becoming a fan here. They’re currently at 389, so a few Witnesses should get them there. - Witness This

"Lonesome Ghost Interview"

Who are Lonesome Ghost & how did this charming quartet come about?

We all grew up together in Dallas and went to the same rigid, stuffy, proper private school for all 12 years so we’ve been good friends for a long time. Myself and Tanner started fronting bands of various styles and line-ups together at the end of our freshmen years in order to try and retain some of our sanity in such an environment.

We turned a new page with Lonesome Ghost though, recording the first EP literally during our last week of high school and releasing it in February 2011. We finally landed on the right line-up (I’ve always wanted to have a band where all the members can sing) of Me (Matt Callison), Tanner Robertson, Trevor Scott, and Byron Mitchell.

The name “Lonesome Ghost” might fool a few people into thinking your music is quite dark,which is not necessarily the case. How would you guys describe your sound in an adjective filled sentence?

Something that I really try do in our songs is to mix the melancholy of the message & lyrics with music that you can bob your head to. Bobbin your head to sadness,haha,it’s such a more realistic experience when you think about it because we don’t just openly behave how we’re feeling. I’ve never written a happy song in my life, although “Golden Cage” from the EP is pretty neutral - but Tanner wrote the lyrics for that song.

To put that in a sentence,a nostalgia Crayon and a melancholy Crayon melted together in the cupholder of an old Suburban on a hot summer day.

“Sex,drugs,and Rock n Roll” has long been a cliche within music,what three words would you guys use to describe your music careers so far?

Mellow, Friendly, Hopeful.

We heard you just did a show with Real Estate too!? How was that?

It was unreal!! We’ve looked up to those guys for like 3 years now, so we had such high expectations, which made things a little awkward at first. After we played our set though they said some nice things to us, everything really opened up and we basically got to spend an entire night hanging out, talking, and hotboxing the green room with some of our heroes…it was great! From what I can tell and was told, our set went over really well, and it was reported to be a sell-out so of course that was nice to see.

Are there any new bands that are inspiring you at the moment,or any that have been the soundtrack to your days as growing musicians?

It’s an even mix of the old with the new. Our biggest influence/favourite band is the Beach Boys, so Brian Wilson obviously. Older stuff like The Zombies, Everly Bros., Del Shannon Felt and newer bands Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Shimmering Stars, & Family Trees.

We first discovered your music with the excellent ”None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know” EP. What inspired the title,or is it a case of it does what it says on the tin?

I actually titled it that because I was having a big problem at high school with people coming to me and asking if a certain song was about a certain girl (since I went to a rather small school, everyone knew the girls who’d broken my heart and the stories of my embarassing rejections, etc.), and it really pissed me off because I could see these girls who’d screwed me over getting a rise out of the thought that they were important enough to have songs written about them.

So this was my way of throwing some cold water on their heads. In hindsight I sort of regret it though because it’s such a long name, and I’ve had to type it so much by now…i really created extra work for myself,haha.

Following the EP you’ve just recently released a new single “Seashell”,have you got anything else up your sleeves music wise? Are there any places people will be able to catch you gigging in the coming months?

Yes, we’re finishing the last overdubs for two more singles that will be released quite soon. They’re a step up from Seashell, we think. We don’t have anything scheduled gig wise right now. We’re waiting for some bands that we like to roll through Dallas. We’re also looking to play SXSW! So hopefully that works out!

Finally, if you could create anything,for personal or worldwide benefit,what would it be and why?

A machine that plays the Pet Sounds vinyl on repeat, Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), and makes Grilled cheese simultaneously, because that’s all any healthy human needs (optional Sweet Tea dispenser hose not included).
- All.We.Create.

"Lonesome Ghost - "My Dear""

Dallas natives Lonesome Ghost make lazy, sunny tunes that seem to be heavily influenced by the sounds of surf pop and the feelings associated with the genre. “My Dear” starts out slow and quiet, kind of crooning in a yesteryear kind of way. Then the smooth surfy guitars slide their way in and the song takes a turn towards the beach, yet still retaining the calm vibes from the beginning. It’s more ‘beach at twilight’ vs. ‘beach at high noon.’ The vocals are vaguely reminiscent of Dent May, which suits the sound quite nicely. - Neon Waves

"HEAR THIS: Lonesome Ghost"

Sometimes a personal music discovery makes me just want to pat myself on the back. My first listen to Lonesome Ghost found me in vigorous pretzel pose to give myself a proper pat. Lonesome Ghost’s debut EP None of These Songs Are About You Or Anyone You Know is comprised of five thoughtful, upbeat tracks that will beseech a smile out of even the darkest and most brooding listener. A present day Beach Boys semblance gives this band a unique twist and hints at an outstanding debut LP. While I can’t say that Lonesome Ghost gets around (they haven’t popped their tour cherry yet), I can bet that once they start piling in the tour van, they will find themselves face to face with an enthusiastic reception from their audiences. - The Owl Magazine

"[LISTEN/DOWNLOAD] Lonesome Ghost- "Seashell""

Dallas, TX hombres Lonesome Ghost are a band we featured way back in March when we Introduced you to their dreamy wistful sound, influenced by The Beach Boys and Toro Y Moi.
Their EP at the time “None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know” had just dropped it’s something that we around the LBYB offices were listening to on a daily basis, and in the eight months or so since they’ve been holed up recording new jams.
The first of which is “Seashell”, a song that’s rife with all manner of being lazy, not giving a fuck, and just-listening-to-this-for-the-rest-of-your-day connotations. I can mess with that. Grab the new Lonesome Ghost MP3 below and we’ll hook you up next time they drop the good stuff. - Listen Before You Buy

"PREMIERE: Lonesome Ghost- "Seashell""

Dallas’ finest surf pop four-piece Lonesome Ghost (of whom we mentioned earlier this year) spent much of their summer recording at their friend’s abandoned house, whereas “Seashell” is the very first out of three new songs to be released. Honestly, I think this track is just what we need right now: carefree, breezy pop tunes in form of a love child between Beach Fossils and Seabear, however with a slight melancholy hidden beneath.

Keep an eye up on their bandcamp page the coming weeks, we’re quite excited for their next move ourselves. - No Fear of Pop

"Lonesome Ghost - "Seashell""

Lonesome Ghost released a new track “Seashell” yesterday, and I really can’t get over how much I actually like these guys. Their track “My Dear” is regularly played in my house (seriously, at least twice a week), and “Seashell” more than lives up to my initial expectations. “I wrote your name on a seashell, but it broke when I fell.” This simple tune shatters at your feet as you breath in every echoing explanation, blinded by the sun setting in your eyes. Wind blowing, waves crashing, and everything breezy between pure happiness and realistic disappointment. Download “Seashell” for free over at bandcamp and follow these cool cats on facebook and twitter! - Sincerely California

"ALBUM REVIEW: LONESOME GHOST- None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know"

Spring-time jams and crisp Fender guitar tones from Dallas band Lonesome Ghost on their February released debut EP ‘None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know’. The first track from this inventively titled release, ‘Golden Cage’, is pushed as far and as loud as it can go, with winding euphoric pop melodies subsiding ever so slightly vocals elated with that idiosyncratic pop nostalgia fellow teen Avi Buffalo made his name with. Unsure as to whether the potentially coincidental tribute to four twenty which the second track makes is intended or not, but an interpretation as such would certainly not go amiss with ‘My Dear’ as it slowly and dreamily unfolds. The theme continues, but never quite reaches the sanguine emotional heights of its opener; ‘Love Is A Dream’ perhaps coming closest with its rattling post-punk melodies and positively frenzied bass-lines, attached below.

They cite their influences as “anything that’s happy”, quoting specifically bands like Toro Y Moi and the Beach Boys as inspiration, though if you listen carefully their music can take on a more raw and contemporary surf pop format echoing bands like Spectrals, Real Estate and Wild Nothing. They recently put together an exclusive mix for Crack In The Road blog which clues us up a little more on where their influences might lie with its reference to the above plus a few other notables – Coma Cinema, Shimmering Stars and Ducktails to name a few.

Certainly Lonesome Ghosts’ EP is a buoyant debut which is sure to tug at the heart-strings of many with its desperately chill pop style, for many months and years to come. This kind of fiercely infectious three minute formula just doesn’t get old, and pumped up with the kind of expressive vocal and lyrical delivery heard here, the band are sure to take on a decent devoted following come their next release. - This Music Wins

"None of These Songs Are About You or Anyone You Know"

Tio grader i solen och ny gratis surfrock på nästan högsta volym, jag tror bestämt att våren är kommen – åtminstone tillfälligt, i mitt huvud. Lonesome Ghost håller till i Dallas och None of these songs are about you or anyone you know är titeln på deras nya EP, som nu ges bort på Bandcamp (d/l). Bästa låten Golden cage kommer nedan

Rough Translation:
Ten degrees in the sun and the new free surf rock at almost full volume, I firmly believe that spring is here - at least temporarily, in my head. Lonesome Ghost resides in Dallas and None of These songs ARE about you or anyone you know is the title of their new EP, which is now given away to Band Camp (d / l). Best song Golden Cage will be referred - No Modest Bear


Spring has allegedly sprung here in the UK but with the snows in Scotland and rain everywhere else it’s a little hard to believe it. What we need is some music to give us a little bit of happiness and I think I’ve found the cure with Lonesome Ghost.

Coming from Dallas, Texas (where the weather at the moment is a damn site better than it is here), Lonesome Ghost is made up of four teenagers: Tanner Robertson (guitar, vocals), Byron Mitchell (drums), Austin Gregg (bass), and Matt Callison (guitar, vocals). The guys cut their teeth in various bands playing shows, house parties, battle of the bands competitions and garage discos before getting together in the spring of 2010 (hmm, spring last year and we’re talking about them spring this year – nice coincidence).

They cite their influences as bands like The Beach Boys and Toro Y Moi and anything that’s happy. Their EP, “None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know” is their first release and these influences shine through. Recorded at Busy Box studios, the home studio of Stephen Hudson, it’s a warm, beautiful, yet assured debut and isn’t half bad for a band yet to tour!

The first song, “Golden Cage” starts us off and sets the tone for the rest of the EP with wistful vocals floating over a lovely little guitar and drum arrangement. “My Dear” with its simple snare backing builds into a gorgeous, dreamy number whilst “I Was Only Trying To” has a sound full of maturity that belies the youth of the band. The final offering, “Love is a Dream” is just over 3 minutes of pop perfection that had me whistling along and leaves us on a high.

I listened to this in the car driving on the M25 (one of our most dreadful motorways) in the pouring rain and I can tell you that it certainly added a bit of sunshine to my journey. Hopefully it won’t be long until their first full length album, but in the meantime dust off your shades, plug in your iPod and enjoy. - Listen Before You Buy


Here's a jangly new garage EP from Dallas natives Lonesome Ghost. Riding that slightly-dopey-voiced wave, the ability to keep your head nodding back and forth is where it's at with these dudes. You'll be sure to leave this one is a fitful bout of nostalgia, but it'll feel so damn good. Peep my favorite track from the EP along with a download link below. - Get Off the Coast


Dallas’ Lonesome Ghost have whitewashed my ears and humidified my heart a bit with their newly released (and free) EP None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know. Perhaps I’m just a fan of old fashioned rock bands that get it done with pure skill and passion sometimes (though that’s a bunch hogwash really cause I totally love electronic music ALL THE TIME – but that’s besides the point right now). These folks have that throwback vibe – you know – sittin’ on the Main Street sun-washed curb strumming rock and roll because love is in your heart kinda deal. Sort of a Love Language/Lonely Children slice of pie mixed in there somewhere too. What I’m trying to say is…I dig. - Pasta Primavera


Lonesome Ghost’s debut EP, None of These Songs are About You, or Anyone You Know, released on February 8, is a springtime miracle. There’s always that one band who releases an album at the end of winter that makes you want to shed your gloves and scarves and run into the sun. This year, for me at least, it’s Dallas natives, Lonesome Ghost.
The young, raw quartet comprised of Matt Callison (guitar, vocals), Tanner Robertson (guitar, vocals), Austin Gregg (bass), and Byron Mitchell (drums) hasn’t really made their rounds yet; they have yet to tour, and have only played a handful of shows in the Dallas area. This has no bearing on their ability to craft a beautifully produced EP with their first attempt. Listening to this album will warm your skin after a winter of blistering cold and never-ending blizzards. After hearing this record, I challenge you to suppress your burning desire to ride your bicycle in the park and peddle in stride to the playful, upbeat melodies of “Love is a Dream.” - The Wild Honey Pie

"Nylon Magazine Presents: Lonesome Ghost"

Lonesome Ghost, a lo-fi sensation hailing from the suburbs of Dallas, is the perfect soundtrack for days in the sun and nights on the beach. Their music blends slow percussion beats and tropical guitar riffs with nostalgic lyrics. They wrote and recorded their four-song EP in the hazy Texas sun, and the sound is both doleful and uplifting. -Jillian Johnson
- Nylon Magazine


None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know (EP, Feb 8, 2011)
1. Golden Cage
2. I Was Only Trying To
3. Love is a Dream
4. My Dear

(Single, Nov 2, 2011)



>>Lonesome Ghost was started in January of this year and consists of four 20-yr-olds, who went to the same high school in Dallas and played in various garage bands together for the better part of 4 years. The band currently resides in Austin, TX.

>>Our debut EP dropped early February, and has been described as:

"An EP that perfectly balances hazy lo-fi fuzz and terrific pop song writing" - Matt, Jukebox Breakdown
"You'll be sure to leave this one in a fitful bout of nostalgia, but it'll feel so damn good."- Jheri, Get Off The Coast (premiere)
"Perfect soundtrack for days in sun and nights on the beach"- Jillian, NYLON Magazine for Guys

>>We spent this summer opening for nationally touring bands Eternal Summers, The Beets, and Turbo Fruits with an upcoming show with Real Estate and Big Troubles. We also recorded a collection of new songs. The first one, "Seashell," just premiered on No Fear of Pop. here's what people are saying about it already:

"More than lives up to my initial expectations. This simple tune shatters at your feet as you breath in every echoing explanation" -Kylie, Sincerely California
"Honestly, I think this track is just what we need right now: carefree, breezy pop tunes. we’re quite excited for their next move ourselves."- Tonje, No Fear of Pop
"A song that’s rife with all manner of being lazy, not giving a fuck, and just-listening-to-this-for-the-rest-of-your-day connotations"- Frank, Listen Before You Buy

We take a lot of pride in the fact that when you hear our music you're hearing US...our motley collection of mics, amps, preamps, and 8-tracks in our closets, guest rooms, and attics. Music has to be sincere, first and foremost.