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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Among the most requested new recordings on WJSC-FM’s weekly roots program""

“Music that knows that it should rock AND roll.  A smartly assembled collection of wild tales and heartbreak, “Add a Little Twang!” is among the most requested new recordings on WJSC-FM’s weekly roots program, The Fancy Eatin’ Table. By placing rockabilly, honky-tonk, and western swing comfortably next to one another on their debut disc, Lonesome Jukebox ... produces tasty and timeless American music.”
- The Root Doctor, WJSC-FM

"DJ Liz Raven's favorite local band"

"The CD is full of well crafted songs.  Lonesome Jukebox is my favorite local band." 
- Liz Raven, WATD 95.9 FM

""Set is tight, well rehearsed, and very well received by the crowd""

This band drives home the point that the line between good rock 'n' roll and good country music is mighty thin. Lonesome Jukebox features a honky-tonk style of country, reminiscent of the best Merle Haggard, with plenty of blues and rockabilly mixed in for good measure.

The set is tight, well rehearsed, and very well received by the crowd, most of whom seem to know all the tunes by heart. Lead singer A.J. Johnson is suitably self-confident, and works the crowd like a seasoned professional. His brother Nathan plays some of the hottest licks you're going to hear this side of Memphis, whether on his Gretsch hollow body, or on the pedal steel. Their fans are having a blast, and it's easy to see why. They're tons of fun. - Brian Mosher – The Noise

""Is Wolfman Jack still alive?""

Is Wolfman Jack still alive? I can totally see Wolfman doing his "Awooo, babies!" routine before introducing these lonesome jukes at some county fair gig a hundred miles wherever from here with the stink of cotton candy in the air and the click-click-click of climbing rollercoasters in the background.

This multi-generational septet from southern Mass. plays country & western tinged rockabilly and vintage '50s rock 'n' roll, and when I say vintage, I mean 1965 never even existed for these 'billies. Pretty much every song on Another Round is a variation on either "20 Flight Rock" or "Ring of Fire," and the subject matter rarely strays from the barstool. At least a couple of the fellas in the band are actually old enough to be first-gen Eddie Cochran and J. Cash fans, too, which gives 'em an air of authenticity, as does a busy schedule of fall gigs.

While it's difficult not to be charmed by the simple cowboy pleasures of bleary-eyed rock 'n' roll songs like "Fruit Loops, Fried Chicken" or "Hot Rod Man", keep in mind that Lonesome Jukebox are strictly a family-friendly act. - Sleazegrinder - The Noise

""They really know how to tear it up""

Rockabilly party animals from Boston’s South Shore, Lonesome Jukebox, prove once again, they really know how to tear it up.
- What’s Up Magazine – September 2005

""Our kind of bunch""

These guys are our kinda bunch, so check ’em out!
- Blue Suede News #68

""It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang.""

"Take a trip back in time with the rockabilly and ragin' Cajun local super group Lonesome Jukebox.  On their independently released album, which was recorded at Sea Sound Studios (Sandwich), the seven-member band revisits a time period that produced some of the finest music to date. 

Evoking echoes of its 1940s, 50s, and 60s influences, such as Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Hank Williams, Lonesome Jukebox even combines the sounds of blues, swing, and country on its feel good disc. 

Lead singer AJ Johnson's luring wails on "Tonight We're Gonna Rock" and his hiccupping style on "Let's Get Liquored Up" will have you shaking in your boots.  It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang."
- Ryan Wood, Memorial Press Group Newspapers

"Voted Best Band in two newspapers"

Voted "Best Band on the South Shore" in a reader's poll conducted by the Memorial Press Group newspapers.  Also named the "Best Band in Plymouth" by the Old Colony Memorial newspaper - Memorial Publishing Group and the Old Colony Memorial

""Lonesome Jukebox plays the styles I ache for, but rarely find""

"Boy Howdy, it's a keeper! I found myself dancing to this the other night with my wife, and I don't dance. Not if it's one of the demands of the kidnappers, not fer nuthin'. Sure, I was drunk, but one their songs (and a fine one) is called "Let’s Get Liquored Up": I was merely following orders from the CD.  You know how persuasive some media is.

With a crunchy, energetic blend of originals and covers, Lonesome Jukebox plays the styles I ache for, but rarely find: western swing, Hank Sr., non-Stray Cats rockabilly. There are notables in the notable, of course: the aforementioned alcohol-enabling ditty, naturally; "Showstoppin" Cutie"; and "Sad Songs on the Jukebox," which is so wonderfully Hank that Hank should have written it. (And) the rest is that first sip of cold beer after you've been busting your ass all day in the hot sun. Ahh!" - The Duke of Atterbury - The Noise


Add a Little Twang
Another Round with ... Lonesome Jukebox


Feeling a bit camera shy


Plymouth Rock Records favorite sons, Lonesome Jukebox, plays American roots music with a feisty blend of rockabilly, honky-tonk and western swing. Whether it's guitarist “Big Nathan” Johnson making his steel guitar howl, or lead singer AJ, slowly rising from his knees to a full out convulsion of a rockabilly squeal, these guys keep the party going non-stop!