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Lonesome Liz

 Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

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Wandering William

Written By: Lonesome Liz

Wandering William

Uncle William wandered all over the place
till he fell in love, then he stayed.
A baby on the way, he tried to settle down.

Maybe he didn't know what he wanted,
didn't know by what but knew he was haunted.
Maybe it had to do with reasons he'd first gone.
Or maybe a wandering man just keeps moving on.

It might have been another life.
It might have been the farm, the baby, the wife.
It might have killed him
but he needed to be free, old Wandering William.

He stayed on till the baby was born
I guess he didn't want to leave his wife alone.
He only left on Saturday to go to the general store.
One day Uncle William walked right out the door.
He never again walked back in any more.

It might have been another life, etc.

I don't know if he said good-bye
when he wandered away from his wife and child.
I don't think he meant them any harm.
I think a wandering man just keeps moving on.

Great-Grand-Daddy came by later on.
He saw the buggy and the mule, saw Uncle William was gone.
He saw the mule needed feeding so he walked to the tobacco barn.

He saw Uncle William'd left his baby and wife
and what was left of him slumped over a furnace pipe.
A gun in his hand, William'd wandered on.
I guess a wandering man just keeps moving on.

It might have been, etc.

Here's to You

Written By: Lonesome Liz

Here's to You

We're both far away from who and where we were then.
Time one of us said we knew the other when.
Now here I am, doing what I always wanted to.
Guess it should be here's to me but golly gee,
well, here's to you.

Nothing in life's ever like what it was before.
Except that funny feeling someone might walk through a door.
You and your face are far away from this place,
well good for you.
I finally see it's good for me but golly gee,
well here's to you.

Here's to the fun,
to all we've said and done,
here's to the fighting too.

Here's to everything,
every song I sing,
it's here's to you.

Let's have another round for all I've found to be true.
Let's have one more for all I know's a lie now too.
For all I know, don't or won't, you're what I am most glad I knew.
Here's to it all had a ball after all,
so here's to you.

Here's to your eyes,
even the tears they cried.
Here's to your smile too.
Here's to everything,
every song I sing
it's here's to you.