Lonesome Rhodes & the Good Company

Lonesome Rhodes & the Good Company


Warm, soulful, cinematic songs that can have you crying, laughing and throwing your fists in the air, all at once.


Lonesome Rhodes is Brian Pake, who also plays in Seattle based bands Spook the Horse and With Friends Like These. The Good Company consists of a slew of musicians including...Matt Shaw, Michael Vermillion and Justin Cronk of Vendetta Red, Kyle Logghe of Verona, members of Spook the Horse and more. This project, from the start has been based on Pake's ambition to include and collaborate with as many friends and musicians as possible.

The Project started in the summer of 2006. Pake was recording some demos when Cronk offered to engineer an entire record. They went to work for the next four months recording the record in their rehearsal space, finding creative ways to capture sounds with minimal recording equipment. The band started playing shows the beginning of 2007 and the record was released in October.

Musical influences range from Neil Young, Van Morrison and The Band to Wilco, Elliott Smith and Calexico.


"Nothing to Write Home About" (2007)

"Sunshine On My Mind"
"Slow Rollin'"
"Frame of Mine"
"Oh Sweet Death"
"Hearts In AZ"

Set List

A typical set list would be 7-12 songs (30-60min) depending on the bill.

We enjoy throwing a cover or two into a set. Some songs we like to do include: "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (John Denver), "Everybody's Talkin'" (Fred Neil) and "Kern River" (Merle Haggard).