Lone Starr Jay

Lone Starr Jay

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

I Like to decribe myself as an Artist, not just a rapper.Most People notice that i have creative lyrics and a creative mind t make good music.I can do RnB and Pop as well, im just not a one deminsional rapper. I think with a little exposer, i can hang and battle with the big boys.


Born, Joe Keshone Younger on November 11, 1989. This young rapping sensation is a leading member of the Dallas, Texas based music group in which he’s the CEO of Greedy Souf Music Group/Entertainment. Lone Starr Jay first appeared (as Lil’ Joe) in 2004 on Nate Quick’s(director of K104fm in Dallas) first mixtape when he was 14 yrs old. He did his first show when he was 13 yrs old featuring on songs with older brother and other music group members. During that time, he landed a deal with universal record but didn’t accept because his mom wanted him to focus on school rather then music. Born in Pleasant Grove (Dallas, Texas) music was Lone Starr Jay’s first love other then sports. As a Child, Lone Starr was a shy, laid back kid but always had lots of talent and during elementary school; Lone Starr won several talent shows because of his original songs he performed. So now all grown up and graduate form Skyline High School (Dallas, Texas) Lone Starr says that he is more focus and mature about music as ever. Lone Starr has always been known to be ahead of the people his age as far as music wise. Growing up in Dallas lone Starr was influenced by several artist like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Eminem, Kanye West


1. "Rocky" 2009 radio play 97.9 the beat(dallas)
2. "Walk It Like A Model" 2011 Internet Radio Play
3. "Look At Me" 2011 Internet Radio Play