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Lonetogether was an idea of a project started by Mitch Delaney in late 2007. It was brough about after Mitch had enough of playign Bass in bands which were not open to his songwriting ideas and as a result he decided to set about writing his own material from scratch. During 2008 Mitch was flat out working to stay a float by during his off time he managed to start to write some material and to learn his craft. In 2009 he began finally to start writing music and songs that were meanignful to him and by the end of the year had an small array of very commerical yet personal songs to himself. AT the end of 2009 and first half of 2010 Mitch had let some peopel here his songs and was blown away by soem of the comments to a few songs from other and it was a this point that he decided to gets soem material properly recorded. In early 2010 Mitch recorded an 11 track demo along with BT on vcals with some difficulty with getting studio time but managed some how to get the Demo. During the last part of 2010 Mitch has continued to work on new material and will hopefull have enough tracks for 2 full albumns by early 2011. Lonetogether has decided that they want to turn this project into a successfull band and will be relocating to North america by April 2011 to hopefully play as many gigs possible and get the music of lonetogethe rout to the public.
Lonetogether is influence by many artisit including Live, lifehouse, 3 doors down. The thing that sets Lonetogether apart form other artisit is it original sound which composing incredibly personal and meaningnful lyrics, and is a cross between rock, pop and some blues/funk. The willingness and desire to work as hard as possible to get its music heard and to bring a smile to the face of others. Anyone that has ever listened to a lonetogether track can usually always find a track that they can relate this to their own life. This is one thing lonetogether will always try to do and that is to write personally and also to write about what the public feels and can relate to as lonetogether was born out of personal struggles, love, loss, illness etc and how writing and makign music from ones experience can help to ovecome battles our to express something you cant do with normal spoken word.