Long Beach Children of Christ

Long Beach Children of Christ


The Long Beach Children of Christ will minister to you like no other choir. Versatile, Inspirational, Powerful, and Anointed... everytime you hear them you will be encouraged and blessed.


The Long Beach Children of Christ is an adult community choir founded in 1985 and has been under the direction of André T. Moore Sr. since 1987. LBCC as they are affectionately known is a very dynamic, anointed, and powerful choir comprised of singers, choir directors, and ministers from various churches throughout the Los Angeles County.

During their early years, the choir not only ministered to churches throughout Northern and Southern California, but also participated in two (2) Michael Matthews productions: "Mama, I'm Sorry" and "Wicked Ways".

LBCC has also been featured at several Sunday Brunch’s including BB King's House of Blues, DC 3 Restaurant, Galaxy Theater and made an appearance on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Their ministry brought them accolades at the McDonald's Gospelfest where they made two appearances, placing 2nd in 1986 and a finalist in 1997.

LBCC has shared the stage with several well-known gospel artists such as:, Daryl Coley, Beverly Crawford, Clifton Davis, Sonya Griffin, The Hawkins Family, Thelma Houston, Norman Hutchins, Keith Pringle, Lonnie Morgan, Nysa Shanay, Kevin Burroughs Neely, Kenneth Wells, Tony Wilkins, the late Rev. James Cleveland, Penny Jones, and Min. B.J. Fears just to name a few.

In the year 2000, God blessed the Long Beach Children of Christ Choir to record their first CD entitled, "He Has Done So Much", a live recording at Central Baptist Church of Carson, California, however in the year that followed the choir experienced some challenges, as a result their singing was temporarily put on hold.

2004, dawned "a new season" for Long Beach Children of Christ as through much prayer and a renewed sense of commitment to the ministry, the choir reorganized, combining some former members with some new ones to once again fulfill the great commission by ministering through song to the people of God.

In 2006, LBCC signed with new gospel label ATM Productions, LLC and released their long awaited CD at Gospel Memorial COGIC, November 11, 2006. The CD is full of substance and Uplifting Praise…It’s Soulful, Inspirational, Joyful, Meaningful, and Thought Provoking.

The mission of The Long Beach Children of Christ is to:
1. Sing under God's anointing at all times,
2. Lift up the name of JESUS everywhere we go,
3. Break yokes through the singing ministry,
4. Bring encouragement and comfort to those in need and
5. Lead someone to Christ.


A Reason To Celebrate

Written By: Michael E. Miller

1st Verse

Unison: What would you do, what would you say, if we didn’t have Jesus, on this special day, tell me what would be the use, for it all would be in vain.

Choir: There’d be no reason, no reason to celebrate

2nd Verse
Could’ve stayed in the grave

Unison: A memory away, but instead you rose to show the world, you stand the test of time, all power from heaven and earth…It’s all in your

Choir: Hand….

Oh, we celebrate your name. Oh, we celebrate the king (2xs)

Chorus (Unison & Harmony)

My gift to you is Jesus, a perfect sacrifice (repeat)

We have a reason, a reason to celebrate (repeat)

Try A Little Prayer

Written By: Andre T. Moore Sr.

Lead: If you need more power in your darkest hour

Choir: Try a little prayer it works.

Lead: If you need more faith to run this Christian race

Choir: Try a little prayer it works.

Lead: If you’re being tempted and want deliverance

Choir: Try a little prayer it works.

Lead: If you’re feeling down and needs some joy

Choir: Try a little prayer it works.

Try a little prayer, it works.

Prayer is the key to the kingdom, your faith will unlock the door (repeat)

Lead: You’ve got to believe in the power.

Choir: The power of prayer (repeat) Walk – Talk – Sing – Pray (repeat)

Power (repeat)

He Has Done So Much

Written By: Rev. William C. Hundley II

He has done so much for, he has done some much for me and I just can’t tell it all. (Repeat)

I would like to say, thank you Lord for giving me another day picked me up and turned me around, then he placed my feet on solid ground.

I can’t I just can’t tell it (repeat)
Just can’t tell it, just can’t tell it (repeat)
I just can’t tell it all (repeat)


"A Reason To Celebrate"
(ATM Productions, LLC) Released November 2006

Set List

1. We Come To Lift Him Up
2. Our Father
3. What Kind of Man
4. A Reason to Celebrate
5. He Has Done So Much
6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
7. Jesus Alone
8. Trust in The Lord
9. Take It To The Lord in Prayer
10. Joy Cometh in The Morning
11. Try A Little Prayer
12. Psalms 19:14
13. Hey Sinner Man