Longbottom Leaf

Longbottom Leaf

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA
BandAlternativeSpoken Word

Music that you're had by...an experience itself...a journey, and adventure, a trip...heavy and dark, palpably soft and emotive...self-reflective, philosophical, ethical, existential...being-with musically...


Longbottom Leaf is made up of Blake Brown (Cardboard Canary), Erik Brown (Grimfeather), Jordan Krohn (Fileo). Formed in Early 2008, Blake and Jordan added Erik and completed their first Album in August of 2009. The music is questioning in nature and honest in its attempt. It often blurs the intensely personal lives of the artist with experience of the listener. We strive to bring intelligent lyrics and creative music to any who would listen.


"the everyday and the unknown"

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Set List

Silent Effection; Silverlace Evening; Aporia; Vagrant; A thirst for water. Set Duration: 55 minutes.