Long Division

Long Division

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

We're an instrumental "post-rock" band from southeast Virginia. We can only agree on about 3 bands that we all like. With this wide array of influences we might not be anything like what you've heard before, but we are everything you've heard before.


Long Division is a five piece instrumental rock band from Norfolk, Virginia. Incorporating a wide variety of influences, people have compaired them with such bands as Appleseed Cast, Minus the Bear and Explosions in the Sky.

The band formed in the early parts of Winter of 2009 when co-workers Wesley Bunch(guitar) and Doug Nicholson(guitar) decided to form a band and began playing with a couple of new friends. Those friends were CJ Weil(bass, trumpet) and his life long friend Andrew Lane(guitar). After having issues finding a permanent drummer, the band was contacted by Joel Parker and Long Division finalized their line-up.

In the late Fall and early Winter of 2009 Long Division went into Clay Garden Studio in Norfolk, and recorded their first record entitled, Calm Before, after some delays the album was finally released on May 1st, 2010 on CD and Digital formats. They are hoping to release it on vinyl in the near future.


1. New Fragile
2. Alone In Space
3. Summer Storms
4. Forgotten Generations
5. Mutations
6. Building Rebuilding

Set List

Summer Storms
Tragic Colors
Alone In Space
Building Rebuilding