Long John Higginbotham

Long John Higginbotham


Rootsy,Bluesy..Born in Alabama raised in Texas on Honky-Tonks & Rock & Roll..Mick Jagger & Johnny Cash had a baby & named it Long John.


Long John comes out of the Red-Hot music scene of Austin,Tx.."It was 1975 & the Outlaw movement of country music was just getting started. WILLIE & JERRY JEFF WALKER had moved there. I was playing harp with this songwriter named BILL CALLERY who had songs recorded by both of them.
"I was hooked.My 1st song EIGHT DAYS GONE became a regional hit & I never looked back".Two years ago one of John's songs,BY THE RIVER,was selected to be in a movie & that has led to his collaboration with Stan Lynch,Original member of TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS & producer of THE EAGLES & DON HENLEY'S last two solo albums.
"We've written & recorded a new CD,NATURAL MAN,that will be released in December.Needless to say I'm very excited.Stan is incredibly talented & has taken my songwriting to a whole new level."


NATURAL MAN 2007 Dancing Gator Records
ALLIGATOR BLUES 2007 Dancing Gator Records
RHYME...NO REASON 1997 Dancing Gator Records
The song,ALLIGATOR BLUES, recorded live at the FLORIDA FOLK FESTIVAL in 1997 has been played on NPR regularly for last 10 yrs.

Set List

Originals by LONG JOHN,as well as songs from his heroes,Elvis,Johnny,Buddy,Ray,etc.