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The best kept secret in music


"A c o l l e c t io n o f p r e s s q u o t e s o n b l o o m."

PASTE: A big noise from the Citrus State.
“Jumping from the gate with a T-Rexy guitar chug and a wicked backbeat, bloom. mines the shiny ore of Glam and Power Pop”

ORLANDO WEEKLY: “Devin Moore a foot-stomping, stage-prowling, smartass rock monster that's half Gene Simmons and half David Letterman.”

NY PRESS: “ Front-man Devin Moore is incredible, he's everything you want your rock star to be— gothic, moody, intense and totally deranged. The sound? Think the Pixies and Jesus and Mary Chain, with a hint of irony and a ton of drama, Bloom can't be beat, show up and watch them self-destruct”

LA WEEKLY: “bloom, a tight and punchy outfit meshing T-Rexish melodies with Billy Squier–chunky guitar licks…”

TRANS WORLD SURF: “Snappy hooks and great vocal harmonies conjured up a sound that made me think of an updated indie-rock version of ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky. It’s good to hear an 80’s influenced band that does not go overboard”

TRANS WORLD SKATE: “bloom. Evokes a bowie feel- and that is the biggest compliment you can give a band. It’s one of my favorite records at the moment.” _Blair Alley

NATIONAL NOISE: “Devin Moore’s vocals are capable of making you feel every victory and every heartbreak. His clever inspired lyrics are a breath of fresh air. And will set them apart as they are launched into the overcrowded retro garage-rock scene.”

STUDIO M: “Jellyfishish, poppy, infectious, euphoric, guitar-driven, Osinner arrives as a welcome storm upon the power pop drought of the last few years. each track seeming to outdo the previous in sheer energy and pop intensity. The band are salient craftsmen, delivering songs that are both catchy and deceptively complex.”

DRUM! : “Armed with riffs and 80’s pop melodies catchier then a cold in December this album storms out of the gate”

ORLANDO SENTINEL: “There was an air of anticipation, which bloom rewarded with a fiery performance marked by front-man Devin Moore's impassioned vocals and cocky stage presence.”

SKRATCH: “if their new album Osinner has anything to say about it… bloom will be thrust into the spotlight very soon. The music is just that good.”

AUSTIN CHRONICLE: Glammed power trio Bloom, featuring classically trained brothers from Florida, debuted Osinner (Fighting), a sticky mélange translating the eyeliner prance of T. Rex through the Eighties into the Hot Hot Heat of today. – Kate X Messer

STEREOTYPE: “Gloomier than Guided By Voices and prettier than the Ponys, Bloom‚s debut album (produced by Brian Paulson of Wilco and Beck fame) offers up an ideal soundtrack for today‚s Suicide Girls generation”

WEEKLY PLANET: “bloom. has an anthemic, ass-shaking take on power-pop that worries about the song first, then concerns itself with the aesthetic accessories”

ORLANDO CITY BEAT: . bloom. O Sinner - a low-cut congress of glam, rock 'n' roll and the grinding side of '80s guitar pop – often plays like prime-era Bowie with a muscular, tawdry drive. Invoking the choicest aspects of the '70s and '80s, their sound is steeped in just enough informed rock classicism to feel worn-in but not worn-out. Thanks largely to the voice of front man Devin Moore (lead vocals, bass, keys) and the guitars of Brendan Moore, the record bomps and stomps with brat-swagger
Bao Le-Huu, Orlando CityBeat Writer

Cincinnati City Beat : “O Sinner shows the band to be a clever, swaggering Pop Rock group that pulls in '80s influences (from the paisley underground to The Cars) and swirls them together with a glammy, sassy strut worthy of early Bowie.” -

BOSTONPHONEIX.COM: “bloom and Urge Overkill embark on a tour of Hard Rock Cafés. "Are you here for the show or for dinner?" a bouncer asks a guy at the door before openers Bloom’s set in Boston. "I’m just here for some souvenirs." Florida’s Bloom, it seems, are charged with clearing the room of its diners for Urge. They succeed good-naturedly, the bassist/singer joking with the families seated in front that "this" is why you shouldn’t let your kids play in bands. "Have you tried the Pete Townsend?" he quips. "It’s on the kids’ menu."

ART PROSTITUTE: “ sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes poignant, sometimes mundane, their lyrics pepper the noisy and escalating instrumentation of each savory track, ultimately creating a palette of some tasty vittles.”

ORLANDOCITYBEAT.COM: “bloom has really defined and refined their aesthetic. Though contemporary, their sound married touches of '60s rock 'n' roll with stomping '70s guitar licks. Topped off by front man Devin Moore's glammy voice and charisma, Bloom impressed the hell out of me” “The Hives music mixed with the Vines explosive vocals. Lead singer Devin Moore had an amazing stage presence” ” Come back soon BLOOM.”

ROCHESTER-CITYNEWS.COM: “openers from Florida, bloom are hopefully what the next generation of power pop will sound like”

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed by brothers Devin and Brendan Moore, the Gainesville, FL three-piece known as bloom has been crafting their heavy guitar driven rock n roll throughout Northern Florida for the last nine years. Dedicating their education and youth to the study of music, the brothers applied their jazz and classical training to a sound that evolved into a melancholic pop possessing the dramatics of Bowie and the power of the Pixies.

The three are accomplished musicians: Devin Moore (bass, vocals) studied double bass at the University of Florida and sat first chair in both classical and jazz, brother Brendan Moore (guitar, back up vocals) studied jazz guitar in Boston at the Berklee School of Music and Jeff Lataille (drums) played extensively as a session drummer (live and studio) in Gainesville. They split writing duties, pulling ideas from a deep pop catalog that spans ridiculously from Ricky Nelson to Rick Springfield to Ric Ocasek. As students they played jazz gigs under various names all over Northern Florida to make enough money to scrape by while they finished up their education. Bloom began as weekend warriors: they headed out whenever they could on mini tours all over the state of Florida, winning a dedicated following and getting local radio play.

The pursuit of further education slowed the development of the band. With BA’s under their belts, Jeff Lataille entered a grueling and ego-bruising course study in mathematics (eventually earning the title Doctor Lataille) and was hired by the Department of Defense. Brendan began course work in Computer Science and was soon assisting on satellite programs at NASA. Devin went another direction: He locked himself away in a practice room and played his double bass for upwards of 10-12 hours a day seven days a week.

After a short hiatus, the band refocused and began writing new material. They shifted their home base to Orlando Fl. (where Brendan is still attending University), and began crafting their fourth album. At this point, bloom had recorded and released three records on their own, which sold 5,000 copies around Florida. Fighting Records, a small indie label, was impressed by bloom’s self-made, grassroots mentality and the strength of their new work and immediately signed them. The band headed to Richmond, VA where they recorded OSinner with Brian Paulson (Wilco, Beck, Husker Du) at Sound of Music studios.

OSinner dives deep into the bands 80's pop influences, presenting material that is expertly simple, imaginative, and anthemic. The album blends the eccentric and clever songwriting of David Lowry with the aggressive catchiness of the Jesus and Mary Chain.

With OSinner complete, the band immediately jumped on the road and toured the country with Mooney Suzuki, Urge Overkill, Guided by Voices, The Dears, Moving Units and as the main support for the Suicide Girls tour, a popular porn pin-up site that put them in some of the nation’s top venues.

OSinner will be released April 5th on Fighting Records.

For more information, please contact Steven Trachtenbroit and Kate Cafaro at Big Hassle 212.619.1360