Longspur is a band from Yonkers, NY blending together melodic punk rock with aggressive hardcore music, stretching the barriers of music today to create their own unique sound of music based in melody but reliant upon aggression and edge.


Hailing from Yonkers, NY, Longspur has been together since the year 2000. Formerly known as Loser-44-, the band’s original lineup included Anthony Bilancia on vocals and guitar, Tre Serrano on guitar, Matt Stapleton on bass, and Phil DiRaffaelle on drums. Since their first show in November of 2000, Longspur has played hundreds of shows all across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut at hundreds of clubs, schools, parties, festivals, and other events, and have completed one east coast tour in the Spring of 2004. They have shared the stage with hundreds of local acts as well as bigger national bands like Autopilot Off, Don’t Look Down, Keepsake, Murphy’s Law, LES Stitches, The Pennyroyals, Senses Fail, Shai Hulud, My Chemical Romance, Endor, Jupiter Sunrise, and Matchbook Romance. A number of their live shows have appeared on local TV stations, and they have done numerous interviews and had their songs played on college radio stations all across the country. Their song “Hold On, Let Go” was also played on the nation’s biggest radio station, Z-100, as part of their Radio Star Contest. They have established themselves in numerous music scenes across America, and have been noted and recognized for their fast, energetic live performances and distinctive stage presence.
In early 2004, Longspur added a new member into their lineup, long time friend Diego Pazos on vocals, to further enhance their musical capabilities and influences. Realizing that so much of today’s music sounded all too similar, Longspur decided to throw away all limits contained in their genre, and blend together different forms of music into a style unlike any other band today. Mixing elements of melodic punk rock music with hardcore influences, Longspur combines intense melody with fast, aggressive, and heavy energy to form a style of music so original that no genre name would do it justice. One anonymous source quoted, “Listening to them is like listening to Killswitch Engage playing songs written by Blink-182.”
After a short run with Eight Gauge Records in the Summer of 2002, Longspur signed to Rockout Records in the fall of 2002. Their debut EP “Beginner’s Luck” was released in January of 2003. Longspur is extremely dedicated to their band and their music, and is currently focusing all their efforts on their forthcoming full length album. In the Summer of 2004, Longspur went into the studio with Producer Chris Gibson (Saves the Day, Glassjaw) to record their album “Forgotten Summer” to be released on Rockout Records this summer.


"Beginner's Luck" Rockout Records 2002.
"Forgotten Summer" Rockout Records Summer 2005 tracks streamed at www.Myspace.com/Longspur

Set List

Set List- All originals
Intro, So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World, This Time, Finding Faults In Others Beauty, Minute Man, Angel, Sincerely, The Night the Sky Fell. Set length is approx half hour.