Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home


LWH draws from eclectic influences including Rock, Jazz, R&B and Funk. The fusion of their instrumental adventurousness and an emphasis on songwriting produces a unique blend of tightly-crafted songs and improvisation, which sets them apart from the vast majority of their contemporaries.


Since their first appearance at the Wilmington Flower Market in May of 2002, Long Walk Home has evolved into one of the premier live acts in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Playing mostly original songs, mixed in are a huge arsenal of covers, which range from Marvin Gaye to Phish which guarantees their shows to be energetic and unpredictable. Their first official release, "The Liberation EP", co-produced and engineered by Joe LaSorte, features the band's earliest compositions, while the band's most recent album, "Live Before You Die", which was recorded late in the summer of 2003 at Indre Studios in Philadelphia, was released in early 2004. They are constantly debuting songs live, which many have heard through the online trading of LWH's live shows. Long Walk Home plans to record their third album in the Summer of 2006.


The Liberation EP (2003), Live Before You Die (2004), "Nine Months", "The Way You Are" and "Out of Time" have been featured on 93.7 WSTW, and "Living in my Sleep" and "Lavish Life" are featured as Demos on myspace.com

Set List

Long Walk Home does not play one standard set list. The band, in order to make each live performance unique, plays a different setlist every evening. The band mixes in a unique array of covers among their original songs, including crowd favorites "Roses Are Free" (Ween), "Rock and Roll" (The Velvet Underground) and "Let's Get it On" (Marvin Gaye). The band's set time depends on the show, however, ideally the band plays 2 sets, usually lasting for slightly over an hour each.