Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home


Alternativ / Visual Kei / Rock


After releasing a critically acclaimed debut album and selling out many shows, Long Walk Home have left their home country of Australia to find a new home in the German musical landscape. Long Walk Home's debut album Youism will be released in Germany through Danse Macabre Records/Al!ve Distribution in April 2008. Here's what the Australian critics had to say:
"A fiercly original composition that seamlessly blends suspense, subliminal hooks, and sheer power... it truly takes you on a journey of the soul. This is complexity at its most brilliant. Put simply, this is amazing" - Beat Magazine (Australia), Youism album review
Since arriving in Berlin in May 2007, Long Walk Home has already made a huge impact on the German music scene. Long Walk Home now have a German booking company in Wings of Destiny and are set for a big things in 2008. Audiences are quickly growing and German radio stations are on board, with Fritz FM, R1 Live and Dunklewelle.de regularly playing LWH. In their 4 year career, Long Walk Home have already supported such acts as Team Sleep (US), In The Nursery (UK) Apoptygma Berzerk (NOR) and 10 Years (US) along with playing several renowned music festivals. Their live shows are world class, and the reviewers agree.
“I could not have dreamt that they could inspire me so excessively…. After this convincing performance, it would not surprise me, if they would mix-up the overcrowded German music market very quickly” – Live review from supporting In The Nursery, Grit/Dark Obsession online.
Dramatic, intriguing, compelling and divisive, Long Walk Home’s incessant sounds transcend genre, but not reaction. Long Walk Home’s intelligent musical ideas have been attracting due attention from the German music industry. Prior to the official German release of Youism in April 08, LWH have already taken internet orders for the album from all over Europe. Not bad for a band who only moved here in mid '07.
"This night, I may have witnessed a band very much on the brink of something big... it's not often I'll walk away from a show totally blown away by what I've witnessed. This was one of those rare moments." Mark Rasmussen, Buzz Magazine (Australia)
Few bands rival the intensity of Long Walk Home’s stage show. Androgynous vocalist Charles Canh captivates not only with his haunting counter tenor vocals but his theatrical approach to live music. This is coupled with beautiful violin/mandolin melodies of Jake Bovill and the clever rhythmic ideas of Aidan McLaren on drums and Michael Robb on bass. Long Walk Home’s cinematic music would be right at home on the big screen, and it may not be long before this happens.
Long Walk Home’s haunting music deals with themes such as love, loss, domestic violence, gender, identity and what’s on the other side. The themes are dark, but an overall feeling of hope pushes through to befit the sometimes melancholic moods of Long Walk Home.


2008 Album "YOUISM"