Longway fuses guitar-driven rock and old school punk to create a sound that is sure to rock anyone who hears it. Leading the way to a new generation of the classic Rock'n'Roll Punk that has been changing the face of music over the past 20 + years.



From dive bars to the main stage, the Orange County punk rock ensemble LONGWAY have established the kind of reputation long forgotten in the industry. Equipped with an unparalleled work ethic and the talent to justify their motivation, the sound is no frills punk rock with little regard for a “scene.” Linking up with Southern California punk label Old Shoe Records, LONGWAY continued their momentum by celebrating the release of their highly anticipated follow-up, JUNKIE. Forging an appreciation for straight ahead rock music laced with punk rock swagger, the band’s sound would not only generate a healthy following in Southern California, but as the band pounded the highways, LONGWAY touched countless cities crafting their own niche all over the nation.

The Record

Exploring the realities of life, love, and relationships as a working class collective of musicians, JUNKIE, is an impressive 12-track addition to LONGWAY’s already stellar catalog of work. Enlisting the guidance of famed producer Cameron Webb, LONGWAY once again assumed the role of producer to create their best example of musical competence to date. A potent balance of energy and sincerity, tracks like “Rolling Wheels”, “Honey” (featuring Patricia Day of Horrorpops), and the title track, “Junkie”, serve as a reminder of an era of music that meshed poignant lyrics with incendiary instrumentation. Finely tuned on the road and unanimously praised, JUNKIE, served as a catalyst for LONGWAY’s ascending popularity and emergence as the must see band on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

The Road

After an unprecedented year that included their first nationwide tour and the release of their Old Shoe Records debut, LONGWAY managed to never miss a step throughout 2009 and actually gained momentum. Logging thousands of tour miles, LONGWAY would begin this year with Massachusetts’ finest, Far From Finished. Almost immediately after, the band was recruited to join Warped Tour vets and friends, HORRORPOPS on another run across the country to sold-out venues coast to coast. Upon their return, LONGWAY would travel to Sacramento, CA to record JUNKIE, in a brief, albeit productive break from touring. True to the band’s unscathed work ethic, LONGWAY would finish with the record only to immediately return to the road for another summer on the Vans Warped Tour. Watching their crowds go from dozens to hundreds across the nation, it was evident that the band was no longer a Southern California phenomenon, but undoubtedly here to stay.

The Future

After having already been invited back for the 2010 installment of punk rock summer camp on the Vans Warped Tour the future for LONGWAY not only looks bright, but promises to test the band’s drive. Continuing to write, consistent touring throughout the year, and a dedication to their fans that is unparalleled in the business, LONGWAY has managed to do what many other bands fail to do, progress. Establishing friendships with countless personalities in the genre, LONGWAY has not only proven successful as a musical force, but has developed a network of influence that will augment the band’s drive and creative passion. Aiming for the stars and remaining rooted in their identity, LONGWAY remains powerful, passionate, and truly punk.

For further information or to request a copy of JUNKIE for review, please email Ramon@oldshoerecords.com or visit www.oldshoerecords.com/longwaypress


Brain Longway – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Trevor Jackson – Rhythm Guitar, Eye Patch
Michael Pettengill – Drums


2007 Come N' Get It!
2009 Junkie