Lonie Walker

Lonie Walker

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Lonie Walker’s music is a a Rockin’ Jazz Blues Up Down Soulful Sultry Lively musical experience. When Walker takes the stage, and bares her soul, she expects no less of the crowd. The audience senses that there is no where else that she would rather be.


Lonie Walker’s music is a Rockin’ Jazz Blues Up Down Soulful Sultry Lively musical Journey from the Queen Mother of Transcendent Rockin’ Jazz. When Walker takes the stage she bares her soul and expects no less of the crowd, the audience senses there is no where else that she would rather be.

Lonie Walker can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a musician. At age three she wanted to be a singing nun, and by the age of five she started burning up the keyboard. Lonie braved nuns and graded recitals to build her piano skills. The guts, spirit and utter devotion to music that thrills crowds today developed early in life. At 15 years old she left home with a guitar strapped across her back, because the piano was too heavy, and took her first steps towards musical fame.

After following a group of hippies to Chicago, Lonie discovered jazz and began studying with the renowned jazz teacher Alan Swain at DePaul University With lots of hard work and a little magic, her career began to take off with gigs around Chicago. She opened for the legendary Oscar Brown at Ratso's and performed regularly at The Happy Medium and the famed Gaslight Clubs. Lonie also wrote and performed years of zany musical cabaret at The Roxy.

As Lonie grew as a woman, she evolved as a musician with life experiences shaping her music. "I consider myself a pioneer," says Lonie Walker. "I do not style myself after anyone or anything." Quite simply Lonie is her music and her music is Lonie. Her sense of spirituality, her role as a mother and her many passions, Yoga, recycling, past life regression...add depth and color to the music as well as the woman. Her searing honesty make every performance an emotional journey driven by intense interaction with the audience.

Indeed Walker's music defies categorization. Her trademark rock/soul/funk/jazz/blues is pure Lonie. When Walker takes the stage, the audience senses that there is no where else that she would rather be. Drawn into her passion, the audience shares her pure love of music, her free spirit and her joy. There is no where they would rather be either. In 1989, Walker opened the famed Underground Wonder Bar. Located at 10 E. Walton, the Underground Wonder Bar is devoted to keeping live entertainment raging till 4 a.m. every night. Clearly, the venue is created by a music lover, for music lovers. The Underground Wonder Bar showcases new talent as well as veterans and provides a venue where artists can feel free to try new material. To date Walker has produced five CD's with her Big Bad Ass Company Band. Her first, "All That I've Got I Gave to Music," was recorded live at the Underground Wonder Bar and is a rolling celebration of joy and survival. Sounds of her piano dance, her voice scats, moans and wails, tender memories rise from a deep sleep and laughter sparkles. Her second album, "Live in Paris," bursts with spontaneity, creativity and excitement.

"Change is Good," is the first with all original songs. Raw, tender, introspective and bursting with joy all at the same time, "Change is Good" is a true fusion of musical styles, connecting with audiences through it's driving honesty of emotions. “Live in Berlin” recorded live at Quasimodo in May of 2002 is a tribute to the music that shaped Lonie’s musical persona. 2002 also gave way to Lonie’s theater debut, she wrote and directed “Isadora, I Love You” a live performance piece of song and dance. As a tribute to the late Isadora Duncan, a survivor of life; it is a testament to the survivors in all of us. Lonie Walker offers a style that defies categorization. Her soaring spirit attracts music lovers of all kinds and breaks through boundaries. Her originals embrace a rhythmic, body movin', heartwarming groove that wins fans in all musical markets.


"All That I've Got, I Gave to Music", 1995. "Live in Paris", 1998. "Change is Good", 2001. "Live in Berlin", 2002. "Isadora, I Love You", 2003

Set List

Sets typically run 60-90 min,
with 2-3 sets per show.