Lonnie Fisher And The Funeral

Lonnie Fisher And The Funeral


high energy and emotional acoustic rock with deep and haunting melodies. vocalist Lonnie Fisher is a Roy Orbison and Jim Morrison intertwined and back from the dead. McVey, Nunez, and Bagwell add the textures and chemistry that work to perfection with this completely original and honest sound.


When you leave our show, you will feel that you experienced many different times in your own life. The songs are stories and everything we experience from who we meet. After playing shows with the legendary Mike Watt and Holly Golightly, we learned how to be honest and interesting at the same time.


Kill Yourself Or I Will

Written By: Lonnie Fisher

Sitting with a gun right at your head...so what I'm saying you might think true...when you're left with nothing, and your distressed,...all the marbles are gone...and i think you're spooked!..(.to be continued....check out the song!)


Lonnie Fisher and The Funeral cd due for release this May...featuring the brand new single "Ramona",

Sturgeon Mill "Ripples In The Upside Down Pond"
featuring the single "Kill Yourself Or I Will" which charted in England.

Lonnie Fisher "Ghost of the Ballerina...solo cd...featuring the track "Weddings"
and "Ghosts Driving in a Van", a live show favorite.

Set List

We do all original songs, with an occasional cover if we are feeling like throwing in a surprise.....like a Roy Orbison song. Our set list is usually between 45 minutes as an opening act and up to 1 hour and 30 minutes if we are headlining.
I won't list all of our songs here, but they are available upon request.