Lonnie Scott

Lonnie Scott

 Allendale, Michigan, USA

David Coleman is known as The Dating Doctor.™ He has been honored fourteen times as The National Speaker of the Year— including 2013 AND was named the 2011 National Entertainer and Male Performer of the Year!


Lonnie Scott, one of the developers of the Leadership Voyage program, is a dynamic speaker and trainer with an uncanny ability to relate to those he is speaking to. Lonnie was a chief staffer to two influential members of the Michigan Legislature before running for the State House himself. He has also served as State Communications Director for a National non-profit and prides himself on being a political activist. Lonnie's passion for politics and higher education has led him to be an expert in public engagement and he now travels the country speaking to college students about the importance of voting and what it means to be a real leader. Lonnie has been called one of the best young speakers in America.


Lonnie released his first book, Election Day is Every Day: The Campaign for Your Future Starts Now! In September of 2012.