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"New Look Afraid album nabbing rave reviews"

Los Angeles, CA – Fans and critics alike have hailed the release of Look Afraid’s stack of rock tunes, ‘Look Afraid Presents: Rock & Roll Glory Hole.” The band has tapped A&R Select, the premier A&R firm in Los Angeles, CA, to help promote the new release, and all aspects of the band. A&R Select is helping teach folks to “look afraid!” With songs like “Whiskey Trigger Finger,” the new single from the “Glory Hole” EP, it’s no Hitchcockian twist that Look Afraid has had praise heaped upon it. The song represents the entire album in one very important way: It’s quite unique, as is every song on “Rock & Roll Glory Hole.” It has this in common with its fellow tunes: It’s full of energy your body instinctively reacts to when your ears process the aural information. Personality permeates every song on “Glory Hole”; “Whiskey Trigger Finger” is no exception. It’s driving rock-and-roll, dripping with attitude – and grooves – and balances rebellion and independence with the right proportion of pop sensibilities. It’s been stated: Every Look Afraid song is unique. “Whiskey Trigger Finger” sets itself apart by applying western/Spanish flavor horns to the mix, creating fascinating textures in a hard rock context. And it’s danceable as hell. And its lyrical content is as textured and smart as the music. Let Look Afraid speak for itself: “It’s a hard song to get on paper, as the themes that run through it are intertwining and overlapping. It’s a song about retribution, honor and defending one’s beliefs. It may appear to be a simple ‘good guy, bad guy’ situation, but as our narrator describes, these appearances are only surface deep.” It’s the kind of song to catch every ear, without regard to personal musical tastes. Look Afraid’s roots go back to early 2007 – surprising, given the songwriting maturity and performance instincts demonstrated by the band. Guitarist Mat Franklin and front man Alex Nauth laid the foundations for Look Afraid. Franklin recruited drummer Lex Vegas; Vegas was on vacation, oblivious to his recruitment. But he didn’t object when asked, “Do you want this to be the first day of the rest of your life?” Rounding out the line-up are bassist Sam Duff and guitarist Cole Walsh-Davis. The band debuted with its first EP, “Look Afraid Presents: Zombie Dance Party,” and spread the word by playing Ohio and Kentucky, building up a ferociously loyal fan base. The band also recorded a jingle for the drink Joose. Look Afraid came out victorious in the international contest held by Famecast.com in December 2007, beating 600 other acts to nab a $10,000 purse. Aaron Burgess (writer for Rolling Stone, Spin and Revolver) dubbed Look Afraid “a bad-ass rock-and-roll band.” The print media – from newspaper to magazine – has showered its affection on the group, which has shared the stage with the likes of Nightmare of You, The Pink Spiders, River City Rebels, Powerspace, Drive By and others. Disclaimer: Research has shown that not listening to Look Afraid may be hazardous to one’s health. Side effects may include internal bleeding or acid reflux disease – unless you go to a Look Afraid show. The band will provide the antidote. More information is available by visiting www.myspace.com/lookafraid. - A&R Select


Zombie Dance Party (EP) - 2007
Rock N Roll Glory Hole (EP) - 2008
The Drive (EP) - 2008



An isolated college town in rural, southwestern Ohio isn't the most conducive place to establish a rock band - - its members’ sights set firmly on the same rock and roll heights scaled by Aerosmith, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, and the like. However, in just a single year of existence Look Afraid transcended the restrictions and difficulties of forming in Oxford, Ohio. By bringing together members of other bands formed at Ohio’s Miami University (including The Culling Song, The Wading Girl, The Proles, and Sofapunch) and furiously writing new songs, the band already self-released two EPs, gained national attention and acclaim (as well as $10,000) by winning a nationwide battle of the bands sponsored by Famecast.com, and received repeated regional notice when featured in many area publications - - including regular mentions in the Miami University campus newspaper The Amusement, The Dayton Daily News, Cincinnati’s CityBeat, Cleveland's Sun News, and a recent feature article in The Miami Quarterly.

During the band’s short career, Look Afraid established a loyal and sizable following by consistently playing high-energy shows and sharing the stage with acts such as Nightmare of You, River City Rebels, Powerspace, The Showdown, Pink Spiders, and Drive By. The band also collaborated on artwork with world famous rock artist Jeff Gaither, who has done work for Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, and the Misfits.

Self-described as "somewhere between Guns and Roses" Look Afraid prides itself on producing a sound that is unapologetically rock - - lots of volume, plenty of sweat, and saturated with sex appeal. While many of the songs are an homage to the 80's ideals of high volume and high energy, they are also peppered with the gunslinger vibe one would get from a Clint Eastwood western, creating a sound that is uniquely Look Afraid. With its signature sound and original song writing, Look Afraid is on the cutting edge, or perhaps more accurately, the “bleeding edge” of rock music. This creation is the result of blending the hardcore stylings of drummer Lex Vegas and guitarist Cole Walsh-Davis with the punk and ska roots of vocalist Alex Nauth, guitarist Mat Franklin, and bassist Sam Duff. On the band's latest release, the six (6) song , Rock N' Roll Glory Hole, the sound alternates between vicious and thrashing guitar-based, face-melting tracks and slick, danceable ones that focus on Nauth's expressive vocals. The band's latest EP, The Drive, also includes the track "Hell City," which was chosen as the theme song for the international Hell City Tattoo Convention, which will feature the song in television, radio, and internet advertisements. That being said, the recordings can barely contain the energy that is Look Afraid's live show. After experiencing Look Afraid’s performance at the legendary Stubb's in Austin, Texas during the final round of Famecast.com’s national competiton, Aaron Burgess of Spin magazine described Look Afraid as "a bad-ass rock band that could easily slide into any number of scenes and take over."

Having a year together firmly under their belts, a slick six-song CD, and an increasing arsenal of original songs that defies anyone within earshot to stand still, Look Afraid is preparing to tour extensively. With members now finished with their college educations, and a network of impressed peers, Look Afraid is using the momentum they've built in their region of origin to propel the band into the world of professional rock music. And they’re doing it with a swagger of "badassitude," and with the power, excitement, and fun of unfiltered rock and roll that has become the band’s calling card.