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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"A band arriving at the dance remix of a song from the get go is brilliant and modern. This album is a hit!."
Richard Shirk (Soft Tags)

"When there's that many dames in the front row, you know they're doing something right."
Mistina Keith (The Prids)

"Listening to the new Lookbook record sounds perfect, even on a laptop." Nathan Junior (M Ward/Mike Coykendall/Sea Wolf)

"That performance last night done made my big toe shoot up in muh boot."
text message from Chris Koza (We Miss The Earth)


"This-a-Way couldn't be off to a better start, with Lookbook's album carving quite a unique path between disco and rock. Shades of goth and krautrock darken what otherwise could sound like vacant dance floor motions, and they do a splendid cover of early U2 B-side "Trash, Trampoline, and The Party Girl" to boot. Lookbook never makes the mistake of sounding too mechanical, and are all the more dance-worthy because of it."
Ned Lannaman (Portland Mercury)

"Lookbook's minimalist avant-garde pop can destroy audiences."
Ian Rasmussen (Willamette Week)

"It’s a bubbly new wave record loaded with hooks and just the right amount of noise and rock-’n'-roll grime."
Mark Lore (Days Of Lore)

"Lookbook has continually turned frigid rock bars into dance clubs with it’s fusion of dance music, krautrock and rock ‘n’ roll (think MGMT, Happy Mondays, Kraftwerk and T.Rex) – a sound captured perfectly on debut record "The Look and Feel".
PDX Pipeline - Contemporary Musicians


"The Look and Feel" CD LP (release date 10/13/09)
"Until I Don't Hear A Sound" 7"
(release date 12/10/09)




1. Dancing is the primary objective.
2. Cave beats are best.
3. Bass Lines should be quotable.
4. Guitars should be sorcery.
5. Singing is noise.
6. Performances should be worth three times the admission fee.

Lookbook is a PDX-based psychedelic disco trio that will be viral by xmas. Whether stunned or stomping, no one's going anywhere. The band has a debut full-length out on This-a-Way records entitled "The Look and Feel" which is responsible for a fast-growing audience who will tell you that their best pony trick is a unique form of live segueing song to song in a remixesque dj-like fashion. There's absolutely no down time, no hiccup in the dance, and no chance for escape. Lust is blowing bubbles with jealousy, nostalgia and rebellion are fixated, romantic and tragic are in love again, and melancholy dances with himself. So phooey on your favorite phoney phunk bands, Lookbook delivers.