Energetic, frenzied pop/rock with an edge from NYC. Dueling harmonies on top of layered guitar riffs.


Looker is a female fronted New York four piece whose sound fuses girl group harmonies and gritty punk riffs. The result is kinetic rock and roll that is melodic, bittersweet, and confrontational. Born out of the collaboration of childhood friends Boshra AlSaadi and Nicole Greco, Looker began as a hot summer’s experiment in Manhattan’s lower east side back in 2003. Since then, the band has grown with the addition of AJ Lambert on bass and Robbie Overbey on drums, and has toured top venues from Stockholm to Toronto playing with bands like the Hold Steady, the Noisettes, Shy Child, Demander, and Chin Up Chin Up.

In January 2007 Looker produced and released their first LP Born Too Late, which was recorded and mixed in just 8 days. Glowing reviews followed from the likes of Rolling Stone, Steve Lamacq, Vice, V Magazine, About.com, and Timeout NY among others. The band decided to follow the record up with a series of singles, recorded and released as they are written in classic rock n’ roll style.

For these singles, Looker is teaming up with producer Erik Paparazzi (formerly of Lizard Music and currently playing with Cat Power). “After My Divorce” came out on Serious Business Records in the U.S. on Nov. 6th. The single received the attention of one Steve Lamacq in the UK and the band got to play the songs live on Radio 1 during their last UK tour in November of 2007. The next single “Gates of the Old City” came out on March 4th. Their 3rd single, “Spit for your Shine,” is slated to come out on April 15th, just in time for Looker’s third trip to the UK. Keep your eyes open for an LP in October 2008!


After My Divorce

Written By: Boshra AlSaadi/Nicole Greco

That one was short and blond
His sad eyes watering
Played me 'This Charming Man'
Kissed me in the cemetery
That one was tall and dark
He read my tell-tale heart
Asked me to give it up in a hotel by the high school

I used to live in Paris
Now I live in New York
I'm sippin on Pernod
After my divorce
They gathered round the piano singin' 'Ne me quitte pas'
And I'll do it again

Oh morning dreary day
was what I'd never say
While riding tintorettos
And riding vaporettos
And in my stone courtyard
He drew his golden sword
The cats watched from above
They didn't pass no judgement

I used to live in Venice
Now I live in New York
Sippin Campari
After my divorce
To all you gits and punters
pere bacco j m'en fou
And I'll do it again

I used to live in Paris
Now I live in New York
I used to live in Venice
Now I live in New York
I used to live in Pittsburgh
Now I live in New York
I used to live in Nashville
Now I live in New York


"...On the Pull" -self released EP 2004
Self Titled-self released EP 2005
3 song demo (produced by Richard Gottehrer/Joe Blaney) 2006
"Born Too Late" LP January 2007
"After My Divorce" Single October 2007
"Gates of the Old City" Single March 2008
"Spit for your Shine" Single April 2008
"Born in the Desert" LP October 28, 2008

Set List

Our set typically lasts about 30-40 minutes and consists of all originals.

Gates of the Old City
Alone in a Room With You
Help Me Roada
Spit for your Shine
Animal Dreams
Stand Back
Born in the Desert
After My Divorce
Master's Gone Away