Looking for lizards?

Looking for lizards?

 Puyallup, Washington, USA


Looking for lizards? Started on a sunny Tacoma day in June 2009, when Damien Simard and Carl Zook sat down with their newly purchased acoustic guitars. Neither one of them have ever owned an acoustic instrument before. The whole concept really seemed kind of strange.

Carl had been playing electric guitar for many years in countless bands, and Damien had been a bass player in many other bands. Carl and Damien decided to start jamming together. Damien joined the Punk/Metal band, IDEFY in 2006. Carl had been in the band almost in the beginning back in 1995. IDEFY played many shows and many venues in many cities and entertained thousands throughout the years.

After many years of playing shows as IDEFY, Carl and Damien started looking for a new project to express another side of their art. They were inspired by the sound and feel of acoustic guitar playing, they both decided to invest in newly purchased acoustic guitars and quickly started writing songs. Looking for lizards has since started playing shows and has since released their full length recording. “All folked up in headphone land”, and are looking forward to touring in the spring of 2011.