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Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Look Mexico: The Crucial EP"

Despite the striking similarities between the country, Mexico, and the indie rock band, Look Mexico, it is important to note the very specific differences between these two entities before people start receiving misdirected jello molds and holiday greeting cards. Please think of the wasted postage. For the price of one wasted stamp, you could help buy a starving indie band their next communal Cheez-its Big Snacker.

So for clarification's sake, here are just a few of the many fundamental differences between the two.

Mexico, location: southern tip of North America. Look Mexico, location: Tallahassee, Fla., southeastern corner of North America. Mexico, population: 107,449, 525. Look Mexico, population: 4 (5 in the studio). Mexico, size: about three times the size of Texas. Look Mexico, stacked atop each other cheerleader pyramid style, between 23 and 30 feet. Mexico, chief exports: oil and silver. Look Mexico, chief export: melodic indie rock.

And while the country may dwarf the band in terms of size and population, Look Mexico has the upper hand in quality indie rock output . Sorry, Genitallica.

Throughout The Crucial EP, Look Mexico crafts slyly nimble melodies and catchy guitar parts, interweaving them amongst a silky smooth rhythm section with all the ease of slipping into a gordita binge-induced siesta . A little bit of Settlefish, a touch of Modest Mouse, and a trace of Built to Spill, but always owning enough ingenuity and personal flare to justify and flaunt its own brand. The boys play with a confidence and cohesion many bands twice their age still chase.

In just under 15 minutes, the five-track Crucial runs the gamut from gentle-yet-commanding instrumental work to catchy post-rock emo. The leadoff track "He Bit Me" is a captivating little instrumental that immediately engages the listener and sets the stage for "I Can't Today, I'm On Duty", a groovily jazzy, rhythmic number that starts off jam bandish and quickly materializes into an endearing track that oozes with melodies. "Call Off Your Lap Dog" follows suit, and mixes in some dirty fuzz-grunge guitar runs, little blips and bleeps, and a pulsating rhythm to keep things moving. Thee most intricately structured track on the disc, "Guys, I Need a Helicopter", is an instrumental beaut with its gradual buildups and breakdowns and unexpected tempo shifts. "Come On, We are Talking About You Here" closes out a promising effort in an up tempo fashion, with inspiring drum work, runaway guitar, and soothing singing.

The Crucial EP's strengths lay in its fluidity, the ease in which the intricate guitar work seems effortless, and in the way the band's far-reaching exploration is undertaken with back-of-hand confidence. This disc is good. There's no way around it.

You've been briefed and educated. Now check out Look Mexico.

- Aversion.com

"Look Mexico: The Crucial EP"

Here's a good one. Look Mexico channel the wandering reflectivity of acts like American Football and Minus the Bear for a sprawling slab of semi-atmospheric, instrumental-dependent indie rock on The Crucial EP, a little pre-cursor to satiate listeners while the band works on their first full-length for Lujo Records.

The first moment the band's lead vocalist opens his mouth, however, on "I Can't Today, I'm on Duty," you'll think he's an awfully nasally character. Fortunately, this is the worst he gets, and as the band often delve into extended jams during the course of Crucial's five songs, it becomes a moot point anyway. Whoever it is (credits are a seemingly hard draw), he does have his moments, showing some fairly impressive emotional depth in the chorus of "Call Off Your Lap Dog" and sporadic, delicate moments in the time change-laden "Come On, We Are Talking About You Here." He isn't nearly as commanding as, say, Copeland's Aaron Marsh (no, seriously), but I think there's potential for him to reach that level. Again, this is sort of a pointless analysis, as Look Mexico's talent and subsequent attraction really lies in their compelling, drawn out instrumental theatrics. Songs like the poignant, all-instrumental "Guys, I Need a Helicopter" manage to trail through complex but understandable layers, lightly bouncing soft chords off each other in front of percussion work that's no less absorbing.

If you look up the entries for "potential" in the thesaurus, I can't assure you you'll actually find "Look Mexico" among the listings. But I'd highly recommend Merriam-Webster consider this addendum. - Punknews.org

"Look Mexico: The Crucial EP"

Now this is the way to start off an indie album. “The Crucial” begins with a benign guitar that builds into a harmonic crescendo and peaks right as it fades away—one minute and a half of pure ecstasy. Look Mexico is a powerful indie rock group that cites no particular band but sounds like an awful lot of them. But fortunately for the band they’re so diverse in their delivery that you can’t really place who they may have mimicked. “The Crucial EP” lives up to its lofty title and provides a backdrop for which you’ll want to pay lots of attention - Smother.net

"Look Mexico Signs to Lujo Records"

13 September 2006
For Immediate Release

Look Mexico – Tallahassee, Florida’s self-proclaimed yacht rockers – have inked a deal with on-the-rise indie Lujo Records. The band will record their full-length debut and follow-up to The Crucial EP in October with Jared Wynne at Infirmary Recordings. The album is slated for an early 2007 release.

Kickin’ it down South since 2004, the Look Mexico kids cannot actually see Mexico from where they live. However, it’s not difficult to imagine Ryan, Matt, Josh and Tyson straddling the US border, fingers pointed southward, exclaiming “Look…MEXICO!”

And it’s that playful nature – that youthful exuberance and sense of humor – that make the band such an intriguing listen. With the recent release of “The Crucial EP” and a knack for making live shows a forum for intricate, dynamic guitars that crescendo over a boundless rhythm section and undeniable melodies, Look Mexico is a band that commands both edge-of-your-seat attentiveness and crowd participation. In other words, these boys have a lot of fun. Still, it’s their proclivity for exploring new sounds and keeping things fresh that make them so exciting.

Lujo Records partner Jocelyn Toews explains it in simpler terms. “They like pizza, we like beer; we’re a match made in indie rock heaven.”

Don’t let the label fool you though: This plucky indie may have risen from the swamps of Louisiana like a…swamp thing…rising…from the swamp…but five years after its inception, Lujo finds itself firmly established in our nation’s capital, releasing incredible records for bands like The Fall of Troy, Suffering and the Hideous Thieves, Roy, The Dark Romantics, Baby Teeth and Frantic Mantis.

Pizza and beer, my ass.

While it’s unclear how many people in this Look Mexico / Lujo amalgamation have actually seen Mexico, their shared affinity for exploration, lighthearted fun and the notion of “what if’” say that’s perfectly fine.

Check out Look Mexico:

And peep Lujo here:

“Look Mexico has the same fondness for dynamic instrumentals and secondary vocals that you’d find on late 90’s Polyvinyl releases.” - Absolutepunk
“Quirky sounds and catchy beats capture a wonderful picture of how great and comfortable their music is.” – Skyline Press
“If American Football and Explosions In The Sky were to procreate, Look Mexico would be the result.” – Punknews.org
“A group that has ‘heading places’ written all over themselves.” - Pastepunk
“A welcome addition to the fall soundtrack.” – Punktastic - beartrapPR.com

"The Crucial EP-4 out of 5!!!"

ALBUM: The Crucial EP

WHO: The debut EP from Tallahassee, Fl, indie-rock quartet who recently signed to Lujo Records but sound like they belong on Polyvinyl Records ca. 1998

SOUNDS LIKE: Intricately woven guitars over frantic drums and delightfully emotive vocals. Think Minus the Bear if they listened to a shit ton of Amercian Football.

HOW IS IT: For a completely unknown band, fucking great. Theres a ton of promise on this EP, and we're definately looking forward to their LP next year. - Alternative Press Magazine

"Look Mexico: Crucial EP"

As one of the break out artists that are represented by BearTrap PR, i knew that this EP was something that i couldn't let past my grasp with out slipping in my two cents about it and how you can get the simplest joy out of the smallest packages with the largest hearts.

In an intro of sorts, the leading track "He Bit Me," briefly shares with us the temperature of their "pool" as we dip our toes into their waters to test their sound. With fluffy guitars and carefully crafted loops of background, the song takes shape and molds our ears. "I Can't Today I’m On Duty" feels like a sunday bike ride with some of the most unique guitar placement and movement for a light indie band. Vocals trail together emotions that are sized to fit with the drum structure formed. Hazy riffs cloud the room with acoustic reverence. A drum beat and a traveling guitar compile "Call Off Your Lap Dog." Skilled fingers masterfully find the contours of every bit of guitar fret and crisp drums. Arcade like guitars seem to treat us to an indie like breakdown that plays colors instead of sound, and as we see the colors of the rainbow, we sit back and enjoy the view. "Guys I Need A Helicopter" jogs on with an upbeat drum set up and comfortable guitar plucks. The soft texture of dreams is explored with this gentle and radiant song. In a instrumental song, there are right and wrong ways to do it, Look Mexico has taken their talented sound and almost incorporated words into each note showing us the best way to do it. Another guitar anomaly that features guitars they play on like growing vines that embrace for "Come On We Are Talking About You Here." Quirky lyrics and progression manifest into sweet treats of cream filled goodness that only once in a while can you indulge in, lest you feel guilty about having so much fun.

This EP seems like an experiment to me, as it tests the waters of the band and the people listening. It being short was a little saddening because I want to hear more of their stuff, but that is why it is called an EP. Look Mexico's quirky sound and catchy beats always capture a wonderful picture of how great and comfortable their music is. This is just a start for them, as they progress, and grow as musicians with talent often do, they will go on to create some music that will be remembered for a long time.

~ Pernell Fowler
August 29 2006 - Skyline Press

"Look Mexico: Crucial EP"

If there ever was a band that was a required name check for your indie credibility badge, it would probably be American Football. Everybody from the hardcore kid hanging out at the local VFW hall to the Conor Oberst look-alikes frequenting your neighborhood coffeeshops and boutiques has at least heard of them. Mike Kinsella and crews popularity has remained constant years after their demise and members subsequent resurrections in less popular, arguably more talented projects.

Despite not being in the Kinsella familys bloodline, Look Mexico are very much American Football-like on their debut release with the tongue-in-cheek title, The Crucial EP. They display the same fondness for dynamic instrumentals and secondary vocals that youd find on those late 90s Polyvinyl releases. More proof of the bands inclination to say it without words, two of the EPs five tracks are sans voice.

Dont call the scene police for plagiarism just yet though. The guitars, as mathy as they are, dont meander as aimlessly. The vocals, arent as desperate. Nope, Look Mexico arent quite as heavy-handed as their predecessors were. Maybe it has something to do with being from a less burdenous city in Tallahassee. Midwestern winters have a tendency to harden you up, after all.

All in all, I like where Look Mexico are coming from on The Crucial EP. Vintage emo is long overdue to be back in vogue. Keep yourself from expecting Agrella to bust into the lyrics of Ill See You When Were Both Not So Emotional, and Ill suspect youll like them as well.

Motivation for being alone: Call Off Your Lapdog, Guys, I Need A Helicopter

Coming soon to your Music History class: American Football, Braid, Explosions In The Sky - Absolute Punk

"Look Mexico: Crucial EP"

According to the band's bio, Look Mexico are from Tallahassee in Florida, thus making it impossible to actually look at Mexico from where they live. It's a minor point, but as the name is actually rather nice, I think we can forgive them for its rather nonsensical nature. In doing my research for this release I kept coming across the same few names as bands Look Mexico have been compared to - American Football, Braid and Explosions In The Sky are three which creep up several times. And, in a sense, this is probably quite fair. They also have a very early Deep Elm Records feel to them in a sense Appleseed Cast may have impacted during their very early days.

This five-track EP contains dynamic guitars, energetic riffs and a lot of very catchy melodies. Look Mexico have the lovely knack of being able to write pop songs without coating them in sugar, so while there's enough here to have you singing along, you won't lose your indie cool either. 'Come On, We Are Talking About You Here' is an excellent album closer, while 'Guys, I Need A Helicopter' is another little gem. With Autumn on the way, Look Mexico could prove to be a welcome addition to the fall soundtrack.

- Punk Tastic

"Live Show"

Seeing a show in a new city is always something I look forward to. Everywhere you go is a different experience, and this time it happened to be Miami. Five bands were slated to play the Alley, with Horse The Band headlining the festivities. The show started almost two hours late, but the time wasted was quickly made up for by opening act Look Mexico.

If American Football and Explosions In The Sky were to procreate, Look Mexico would be the result. Using delicate, melodic guitar tones and beautiful vocals, the band is just as in tune with their more rocking side, able to slide back and forth between quiet and raging just as Explosions have trademarked. The band played an energetic five-song set that was until Horse The Band came on, the most impressive act of the night.

Miami’s Consular followed, or more correctly, attempted to follow Look Mexico. The band's vocalist was in Equador today, and thus the band played without, and as a three-piece. What followed was about 25 boring, monotonous minutes of slow, sludgy metal. The songs didn’t seem to have much of a direction, and were definitely not helped by the lack of a singer.

Taking the middle spot was another home-bred band, this time in the form of Coffin Dancer. Boasting ex-members of Tyranny Of Shaw and Spirit Of Versailles, the band more or less continued in the tradition of its predecessors. High-pitched, shrieking vocals, post-rock instrumentals, and drumming so fast and chaotic it could have broken the sound barrier. An impressive set by the relatively new band, and most likely a prelude of great things to come.

Next came without a doubt the oddest set of the night, straight from the mouths and keyboards of Awesome New Republic. A two-man, drum and keyboard tandem, both men sang and created some bouncy grooves that had half the floor busy attempting to dance as ridiculously as humanly possible. Surprisingly, a very fun, albeit unorthodox set from the duo.

After much on-stage setup and banter, Horse The Band took the floor. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with these guys. R. Borlax is a pretty hit or miss album, and I had no idea how it would translate to a live setting. Oh but I found out; insanity. From start to finish the band impressed with their unrivaled energy and interaction with the crowd that ate it all up. The band played fan favorites “Bunnies,” “Pol’s Voice,” and finally ending, with much approval from all in attendance, “Cutsman.” There had been a good level of energy from the crowd all through their set, with some good activity in the pit, but “Custman” somehow flipped an invisible switch in everyone that turned into overdrive. Aside from two drunk metalheads (one of which was wearing a Wu-Tang shirt) kicklining in the pit, everyone seemed to have an amazing time, with windmills and two steps dominating the song's duration. An exhausting hour after they started, Horse The Bands set stole the night.

Save Consular, the night was a great showing for every band involved, and a great time was had by everyone. Despite never once seeing a show there, I felt right at home, and had a tremendous time. Keep checking out for Look Mexico, because you’ll be hearing from them again, I’m sure of it. As for Horse The Band, simply put, they’re worth the price of admission alone. - Punk News

"2007-2008 Press Quotes (Spin.com, NPR, AP, Punknews, Wonkavision)"

"Like with clear spring days, you can't help but be transported to a happy place with Look Mexico on repeat." - SPIN.com

"Intricately woven guitars over frantic drums and delightfully emotive vocals." - Alternative Press

"The charming melodies established by the band’s four members hook you instantly." - Punknews.org

"Highly energetic indie rock that is entangled in crafty song arrangements and even more clever lyrics.” - Smother.net

"A touch of Midwestern emo and a solid helping of southern twang." - Pastepunk.com

"Pure American lifeblood indie: - New-Noise.net

"The Pop/Indie quartet understands that it doesn't have to sacrifice its musical integrity for

the sake of monotonous hooks and melodies. Instead, the members cleverly opt to produce something thought provoking and masterful."
- Citybeat.com

"A little bit of Settlefish, a touch of Modest Mouse, and a trace of Built to Spill, but always owning enough ingenuity and personal flare to justify and flaunt its own brand." - Aversion.com

"Incredibly infectious and often complex songs…easily accessible without sounding generic or boring." - Wonkavision - ... Spin.com, NPR, AP, Punknews, Wonkavision, etc


Real Americans Spear It EP (Adeline Records 2011)

To Bed To Battle (Suburban Home Records 2010)

Gasp Asp - EP (LUJO Records / Tine Engines 2008)
The Crucial Collection (LUJO Records 2008)

This is Animal Music (LUJO Records 2007)
This is Animal Music * JAPAN (Stiff Slack Records 2007)

The Crucial EP (2006 Atlas Distro)

So Byzantine EP (2005 Atlas Distro)



Look Mexico has been making their favorite music since May 2004 in Tallahassee, FL. After finding their newest member Nick Chambers in recently transplanted town of Austin, TX, they joined forces with legendary producer J Robbins to create Look Mexico's best effort yet, "Real Americans Spear It" (Adeline Records 9/2011). The band will hit the road once again in support of their latest release and will take it "across the pond" in November 2011 for their first ever UK/Euro tour.