Look Mexico

Look Mexico

 Austin, Texas, USA

Mathy guitar rock riddled with accessible melodies making head-bobbing pop songs.


Look Mexico has been making their favorite music since May 2004 in Tallahassee, FL. After finding their newest member Nick Chambers in recently transplanted town of Austin, TX, they joined forces with legendary producer J Robbins to create Look Mexico's best effort yet, "Real Americans Spear It" (Adeline Records 9/2011). The band will hit the road once again in support of their latest release and will take it "across the pond" in November 2011 for their first ever UK/Euro tour.


Real Americans Spear It EP (Adeline Records 2011)

To Bed To Battle (Suburban Home Records 2010)

Gasp Asp - EP (LUJO Records / Tine Engines 2008)
The Crucial Collection (LUJO Records 2008)

This is Animal Music (LUJO Records 2007)
This is Animal Music * JAPAN (Stiff Slack Records 2007)

The Crucial EP (2006 Atlas Distro)

So Byzantine EP (2005 Atlas Distro)

Set List

35 - 45 mins. Originals