Horsewife (formerly Loon)

Horsewife (formerly Loon)


“My family and I saw you perform on Saturday and you made our hearts your prisoners. Yours in gobsmacked admiration...” Bassoon, accordian, saw, violin, mbiras, percussion, recorders, and wild vocals - Loon's world music, wit, warmth and musicianship has wowed audiences in 2007, inc Glastonbury.


Horsewife, (formerly Loon) formed 11 years ago and have worked tirelessly to create songs and instrumentals with a distinctive blend of influence and character. The originality of their compositions and performances has ensured their talents have been in much demand. They are currently on tour in England with Theatre Mimi in a show called 'Phileas P. Souper' which they have co-written. Then from February to April they will be touring the UK with Dodgy Clutch's 'Elephant' show, for which they also composed the music. This show will be performed in number 1 large scale theatre venues, and has already run for two months in the world famous Market Theatre in Johannesburg.
Work in the past has included a commission to work with Nitin Sawhney and produce an original score for Northern Sinfonia in an award winning film music project involving talented young musicians from Northumberland. This year also saw the band picked to play a very muddy Glastonbury from over 2000 entries in the unsigned competition. The band also regularly compose and record music for No Limits Theatre Company, Fox Films, and Metal Pig Films and were recently commissioned to write a piece for the award winning Wansbeck and Ashington Colliery band. Horsewife have performed in South Africa, Scandinavia, and extensively in the UK at venues and festivals such as the Edinburgh festival, Fuse festival Lichfield and the Wheaton Aston festival where audience reaction has been remarkable.
If Horsewife's style was an after shave, it would sting on first application but would soon settle into a highly attractive aroma that would stay with you long after the night is over.


'Bring out your Fear' Bing bong rooms "A contender for debut of the year" Dazed and Confused
We currently have a self produced album of 11 tracks that we're selling at gigs and festivals. You can hear some of the music on these EPK and at also www.myspace/schloon

Set List

1. Orange for Hands ( original song with French Auvergne twist)
2. Opencast ( up-tempo banjo instrumental with a sophisticated European classical departure)
3. Low State of Mind ( Original Gospel style downbeat song with beautiful vocal harmonies )
4. Nhemamusasa (traditional Zimbabwean tune performed on Mbira Dza Vadzimu )
5. Dogs and Birds ( original song much loved by audiences main vocal female a lively waltz)
6. Hollow Lines ( begins with Baroque recorder quartet and proceeds into a dark Latin influenced groove with Tanzinean style middle eight and Beverley sisters style male chorus )
7. Bosom Song (original song about breast feeding an epic riot of a waltz blending Kurt Weill with African influences)
8. The Pipes are Crawling ( an instrumental with European Kleizmer influences )
9. I Feel Strange (original song mixing Cajun influences with European Cabaret styles with a punk edge)
We often round off with a few crowd pleasing stompers using traditional tunes from Columbia