Loon Lake

Loon Lake

 Victoria, AUS

Loon Lake are a 5 piece from Melbourne, Australia consisting of 3 brothers and 2 mates. A music journo might call their music 'high-energy garage indie-pop with catchy melodies', but the boys themselves call it 'smiley, loose and fun'.


Brothers Simon, Sam and Nick Nolan  along with honorary brother Tim  grew up in Tarrawinge, North-Eastern Victoria. Overseas adventures supplied and fueled the missing pieces of the puzzle in the form of Melbourne native and friend, Dan. Loon Lake was born.


Their straight-talking single Cherry Lips burst into the Top 20 of the ARIA Australian Artist single chart (a huge feat for an independent band). Voted in at #29 in the 2012 triple j Hottest 100, the single is just one of many highlights on the bands debut.


Derived from the term 'Gloaming', Loon Lake released their debut album 'Gloamer' in late 2013. The term describes someone appearing during that intoxicating, golden time after sunset and before dark. A time where anything seems possible, excited by the feeling of hope, expectation and ripe with the prospect of things still to come.


The release of Gloamer saw the band head out on a national tour to sold out shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and the sold out debut NYE on the Hill Festival.


Having built a reputation for being an uncomplicated, sunny-disposed band, Loon Lakes indie-pop tunes and signature guitar riffs had audiences moving and shaking nationally on the 2014 Big Day Out festival tour. Audiences can expect nothing less from the band on their national headline tour The Good Times Tour in March 2014 and the regional Groovin The Moo festivals.


It makes you nostalgic one moment, and then drags you onto the dance floor the next. My bet is that Loon Lake will be around for a good time, and a long time. Pilerats
its music to make you smile, make you dance and generally brighten up your day. FasterLouder
The record successfully manages to do more than catch the eye of those interested in glitter-tinted choruses and other such shiny things The Music

Gloamer demonstrates an inclination towards something beyond the blend of garage-pop Loon Lake are accustomed to brewing, and the results are sweet The Music

Gloamer is rife with innovative pangs of electronica, crashing rhythms, groovin indie-pop fillers and those signature guitar riffs that get you moving and shaking AU Review



  • Gloamer (October 11, 2013, Caroline / Universal)


  • Not Just Friends (2011, Self-Released)
  • Thirty Three (2012, Self-Released)


  • In The Summer (2011)
  • Bad To Me (2011)
  • Cherry Lips (2012)
  • On Fire (2013)
  • Carolina (2013) 
  • "City Lights" (2013)