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Dj Smallz & Loony-T Southern Smoke Mixtape, Bohagon & Playboy Tre Georgia Durt, Dj Big Headline Got My Money Back Mixtape



At the tender age of 4 my grandma bought me that playschool piano and a toy electric gutair for Christmas. Big ups to grandma cuz every since that day i been fascinated by music. When i was 8 i got a lil toy drum set and with that i began linking melody with beat patterns. By my 8th grad year ya boy copped a lil $150 Yamaha keyboard so i could record my instrumental masterpieces. I started making beats for people in high-school going by the production name KiddKoopa. As my popularity grew locally, I started working with people outside of my school and even my city. Then one day my cuz Ken aka Lil Cutta from the Scoundrels came down from the A-town and heard one of my CDs. He introduced me to some people from Sounds of Atlanta label spearheaded by Gene Griffin. So within weeks i was chillin with JT Money and G-Boy from Slip N Slide and many others. I produced 2 tracks on a independent release from 2001 called the Backwood Project which charted at number 38 on the Billboard.

By this time I changed my name to "Shoestringz" because i always wore a shoestring around my neck with a toy on it which symbolized my humble nature. However, being so young and excited, i didnt take precautions my paperwork to get my biz on point. Always on the grind i had to keep it moving nontheless. So i flipped the game by branching out into other avenues in the music game such as DJ-ing and even rapping. I became known then as "DJ LoonyToonz" around my area. By being a Production/Artist/DJ i was a triple threat. By age 18, after networking with many artist in southern Ga, I decided to put together a independent label myself called "Dirt Mob Entertainment". Immediately following the formation of my label along with other industry friends I released a mixtape - and thus "Dj LoonyToonz : The 706 Project" hit the streets. This was the first mixtape to showcase all Columbus /Phenix City/Harris County artist all in one wop. I gained respect in the streets by bringing together the masses. Soon after, following the footsteps of a "Master P" I released a Dirt Mob Compilation with all 20+ of my artist. I slang my mixtape at all the parties and clubs i would Dj at to gain additional buzz for my label and myself.

As my popularity on the scence grew i atrracted the attention of Gerald "GEO" Hall, an established producer who also came from Columbus. Geo founded and produced such acts as TLC, Dallas Austin, Bubba Sparxx, and Bohagon who all came from around my area. After being contacted thru a mutual friend, Ronald Nelson, Geo took me under his wing and schooled me to the industry side of the music game. Geo and I then formed a production crew called "Beat Villian Prod." in late 2003 alongside with Ronald Nelson who formed "Hi-Powered Ent." Now I was finally in position to make some major moves. I instantly became a artist/producer for the label as i traveled from Columbus 2 Atlanta to record songs for a solo debut while also submitting production to up and comming artist in the industry such as Bonecrusher, David Banner, Multi, T.I, Jack Bona, Attic Crew, ect. I ended up rappin a verse on a unfinished Bohagon song whom i had never met at the time. After meeting Bo, he decided i was good enough to stay on the track and that i could do some more work with him. At the time he, Playboy Tre, Mr. Ward and Roosta from Attic Crew were just formulating their own label called "Georgia Durt Ent." U can look at Georgia Durt as a cast of all talented personel who was once the backdrop of someone elses bigger picture. I began working with them submitting tracks and lacing verses between time of working with GEO and the Scoundrels.

After complications with Beat Villian and Hi-Powered, i soon became the newest member or the Georgia Durt family. We released our first cd independant with no distribution or promotion called "Bohagon and Playboy Tre presents Georgia Durt" with the lead single "Every Playa" produced by me. Alongside with other regional hits "Old School", "To Da Flo", "4 Sale"and "24-7" we soon gained respect as a new supergroup in the area. We are living proof that the grind pays off. Everyone seen the south blow up right before their eyes. Now here we are several years deep in the game as a click and we have gained fans all over the south, midwest, eastcoast, westcoast and even overseas. We've released and been featured on several mixtapes all over the country and in Germany, Korea, and Austrailia.

In addition to all this Loony is co-owner and talent of a independent company called SWAP Team which stands for Southern Writers and Producers which shocases talented muiscians, producers, rappers, singers, writers, djs, promoters, poets, and other talented people from various forms of entertainment. The grind never stops. Loony-T