Loose Baggy Monster

Loose Baggy Monster

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

We aspire to the entirety of the rock and roll legacy bequeathed us. The funk, the R and the B, the soul, the heavy metal, the fusion, the country, the blues, all with guitar, keys, drums, and bass.


The band chose the name Loose Baggy Monster because, as defined by Henry James, a "loose baggy monster" is (deep breath) a vast, encyclopedic compendium of whatever seems to have crossed the mind, and seems to have been written and edited (or not edited) on the principle that bigger is better, more means more important, and this results in a big psychedelic jumble of characters, anecdotes, jokes, soliloquies, reminiscences and footnotes, uproarious and mind-boggling, but also a bit arbitrary and self-indulgent.

Loose Baggy Monster is a 6 piece group based in Lexington KY that formed in 2006. The Monster plays an eclectic mix of original music including red-blooded all-American rock, southern rock, reggae, funk, soul, acid rock, and blues. They are currently taking a short break from gigging to finish their debut album that is yet to be titled and in the process they're making some pretty groovy YouTube videos.

At shows, Loose Baggy Monster plays not only their original tunes but also an eclectic mix of choice covers by infamous and iconic artists such as Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Cake, and Free just to name a few.

The Monster has been called "...a variety show " and this is undoubtedly true because we are sure to play something that tantalizes your musical palate at one point and then we're on to the next musical tangent. This concept has proven effective in captivating audiences from start to finish.


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Set List

Set 1
Follower's of the Eclipse**
Tom Thumb's Blues
Mud, Water & Trees**
Jet Airliner
No Time Left**
Italian Leather Sofa
My Land**
I'm a Man

Set 2
Poor Ol' Willy**
Don't Let Me Down
Petrified Dog Turd (PDT)**
Wolfman's Brother
New Speedway Boogie
One Better
Drivin' Miss Crazy**
What Goes On
Zygote City**

Set 3
Old Enough
Seaside Palace**
Live With Me
Habitual Offender**
Million's Mind**
Servant's Pose**
Storefront Woman**
Raging Optimist**
A New Day Yesterday

(** Original Song)