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Sins of The Loose Buttons

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Northside Festival announces more artists, including Bleached, Majical Cloudz, Body/Head, Chance the Rapper and more"

Northside Festival expands further this year with a bunch more artists announced today. Those include names like Bleached, Chance the Rapper, Majical Cloudz, Body/Head, Sannhet, Limp Wrist and many many more. Check out a full list of new Northside Festival additions below. Passes are still available.
As mentioned, Invisible Oranges will host Torche, KEN Mode, Lo-Pan and Inter Arma at 285 Kent on June 14 (tickets). The show is one of two to feature Inter Arma that weekend, who will also play a FREE Summer Thunder day show at Union Pool on June 15 with the newly added Pyrrhon!
BrooklynVegan is also proud to host a Summer Thunder event of our own with Heavy Blanket (featuring J Mascis) and Love as Laughter. Like the IO show, this June 8. performance will be FREE and feature drink specials all day. Destroy.
New Northside artist additions are listed below.
Listing of Northside additions are below.
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"Exclusive Interview With New York's Sins of the Loose Buttons"

-Where are you guys from and how do you feel that has impacted your sound?

Being from NYC has probably had the biggest impact on the sound of the
band. This city inspires me day in and day out and I learn from
everything that it has to offer: the fashion of this city, the artists
of this city and the musicians of this city. New York City also dares
us to be different and that is the most important thing about creating

-Tell us about your debut release. Silent Snow?

Silent Snow was such a beautiful time for us as a band but at the same
time it was a very dark period, as that album didn't end up turning
into the product we wished it would. We had engineers who weren't on
the same page as us, and as a result it was hard for us to put our
hearts into that project. The album was delayed over a year and by
that point we already had different material that we were far more
passionate about. But with disaster comes re-birth, and that is
exactly what SOTLB went through. We welcomed change and are super
proud of the direction we are going in. So I personally am super
grateful for the effects of Silent Snow.

-What has been your greatest challenge as an emerging band?

I think the greatest challenge that we have had as a band is having
opportunities to quit. It’s really easy for a band to call it quits
the moment things get rough, but I think the bands that survive in
this game are the ones that stay true to what they believe in and
don't give up. It’s hard to open up doors for yourself when you’re
starting as a band but if you stay with it those doors will eventually
open. They are peeping open right now for us.

-Who did you work with on the "I Love Lucy" video and what was that
process like?

What was great about the "I Love Lucy" video is that it was a bunch of
friends and family working on it. It was a beautiful way to blend
different types of art into one beautiful product. My best friend
Michael Bass directed it and Manny's best friend Frabby edited it, so
it was just one big party, as Robert De Niro would say. Plus my dad
made a cameo appearance in it, which was gnarly.

-With the various stylistic influences that are evident in your music,
how would you define your sound?

I think it’s fair to call us an eclectic emotional dance party. We
enjoy moving people with our music and I like to think that our music
is a journey that combines all of your emotions.

-What's next for Sins of the Loose Buttons?

What's next for the band is finishing up this tour and then I think
after that what's next for the band is finishing up our EP or LP.
Every member of the band is ready to release a cohesive unit of music
as opposed to releasing singles. I definitely don't want us to just be
a "singles" band so an EP or LP is going to come out in the near

-Is there anything else you would like MIP readers to know about SOTLB?

I think our fans should know that I have a weird obsession with
Wolves, especially wolves in suits. You show me a wolf in a suit and
the games over. - Music Industry Pulse

"Sins of the Loose Buttons - "AM Arcade" (self released)"

Un energico e pulsante album proveniente da New York. Loro si chiamano Sins of the Loose Buttons e producono un power-pop-rock suonato molto bene e con sana grinta giovanile. Ciò che mi colpisce di più è la coppia ritmica formata da Kai Colucci (drums) e Manny Silverstain (bass), capace di produrre basi precise e potenti, farcite di stacchi, passaggi e abbellimenti vari dovuti all'ottima tecnica dei musicisti. Nulla da togliere anche al resto della band, i chitarristi e vocalist
Eric Nizgretsky e Zack Kantor, inventori di riff, melodie e cori dall'assimilazione immediata. Le strutture dei brani, pur essendo semplici, si sviluppano su cambi d'intensità e dinamiche che rendono l'ascolto uno spasso. Musica che si presta bene come colonna sonora per lunghi viaggi su autostrade diritte e assolate, con o senza una meta.
- NetMusic Life (Italia)

"Sins of the Loose Buttons release video for "I Love Lucy""

It is no surprise that Sins of the Loose Buttons loves to show off New York City in their music videos. The guys have been running around Brooklyn and Manhattan gigging since 2007, when the oldest member of the quartet was only 15. In more recent times, about a year ago, they busted onto the scene with “Retrobox” and now they are back at it again with their newest single and music video, “I Love Lucy”. “Lucy” will kick off a slew of new releases for SOTLB over the next few months, as well as an east coast tour this winter, so stay tuned for more updates out of these guys in the very near future. - The Deli Magazine NYC


Aural Wes designer/contributor Zack Kantor ’15 has just released a new music video with his group Sins of the Loose Buttons and it’s tastefully dark! The song, ‘I Love Lucy’, is a cool, yet high-energy rock tune, definitely one of the band’s best releases thus far. The tune has an interesting combination of ambient, “shoegazey” guitar lines over a hard-hitting drum/bass backbeat, all leading up to an incredibly catchy chorus with an unexpected mumba-based groove. The highly anticipated video to the song, released October 23rd, 2012, is set in a shady New York City casino and depicts the trials of protagonist ‘Lucy’ as her heart is broken. Luckily the video ends with a bit of hope, but you’ll have to watch to find out. Check out the video after the jump.

Sins of the Loose Buttons is an alternative rock band from Manhattan, NYC. The group consists of Eric Nizgretsky, Zack Kantor ’15, Manny Silverstein, & Kai Colucci. Their tunes have been described as fast-paced dance rock, though some (available on iTunes/Amazon) are much more mellow. Sins will be touring the east coast this winter with stops in New York, Boston, Toronto, Miami and more throughout December and January. To stay updated on tour dates and new releases ‘like’ Sins of the Loose Buttons on their Facebook page below!

- Aural Wes

"Sins of the Loose Buttons About To Release Their First Ever EP"

On June 2nd, New York City indie/alternative rock band Sins of the Loose Buttons ( will be releasing their first ever EP, AM Arcade. The band, who released their major label debut album with Sony in January 2011, has since decided to break ties with the label and go independent. AM Arcade is their first release under their own record company.

To support the EP, Sins of the Loose Buttons will be playing at the Northside Festival on June 16th and headlining Brooklyn Bowl on July 16th.

In the past the band has played 30 NYC shows at over 20 local venues, like Santos Party House, The Bell House, The Gramercy Theatre and the Knitting Factory. They have played festivals like the CBGB Festival, The Miami Music Festival and will be at CMJ in 2013. Past write-ups include BrooklynVegan, 2 features in the Deli Magazine, blahblahblahscience, top college blog Aural Wes and the cover of the New Year's 2013 issue of Music Industry Pulse.

The band's most recent release was a music video for their single 'I Love Lucy' in October 2012.
Read more at - AltSounds

"Sins of the Loose Buttons"

Who’s Sins of The Loose Buttons?

Sins of the Loose Buttons is a group of young scallywags that include Eric Nizgretsky, Zack Kantor, Kai Colucci, Manny Silverstein.

How did you guys came together and created this band?

This band started about 5 years ago as a hobby and group of friends jamming, but after our first show we realized we had something special. After a few bumps in the road, Zack and I decided that the magic that we created was nowhere near complete so we recruited Kai Colucci and Manny Silverstein to move us forward and things have been incredible ever since. I love these guys.

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

That question always gets asked and to be frank with you, youth, alcohol and a loose button on a jacket sparked the name of this band.

What are your music influences?

Each member of the band has their own musical influences which is what keeps our songwriting process fun and fresh. We as a band listen to anything from Delta Spirit to Rush to Frank Ocean to Gramatik to Phantogram

What’s your method at the time of writing a new song? How was it to have the chance to performed at legendary venues over there in NY?

The lyric writing process usually stems from my experiences and right now a lot of our songs are based on telling stories. When I write lyrics, I also write music with my acoustic guitar. I try to see if the poetry I write fits in with the music without making it seem forced. Once I have a concept for a song, I’ll introduce it to the rest of the guys and from there it takes on a life of its own. I sometimes take playing in New York for granted since this city is my home; I feel like a local playing in these venues, and I try to never get caught up in how big a venue is. At the same time, playing at Gramercy Theatre was pretty sweet and headlining Santos Party House was amazing.

I Love Lucy. Tell us more about the song and the video? Filming, concept, etc…

“Lucy” as a song means a lot to me because Lucy is a combination of multiple different women who have entered my life. It mostly focuses on their imperfections. It’s those imperfections that I see in people that I love. “Lucy” also deals with Lucy’s struggle to understand what maturity is truly about. It is confusing and hard to take in sometimes. Shooting the video was such a fun process because I was able to work with many close friends on it. My best friend Michael Bass directed it and Manny’s best friend Justin Frabisile edited it and was the director of photography. The concept they came up with was following a day in the life of Lucy and how she, metaphorically, is gambling her life away.

You guys are working on a new EP. Can you guys give us some insights/details about it? Any official release date, title in mind?

We are working on new music right now and whatever we feel will represent where we are as a band (whether it be an LP or an EP) will end up being released. There aren’t really many details to give out yet but we have about 5 or 6 songs recorded for it. We are nowhere near done yet with it and I’m currently thinking of some title ideas that really fit the vibe of the lyrics and music.

So you are planning to hit the road?

We are currently on a full length North American tour, which is extremely exciting. I truly feel blessed every time I take the stage performing with my bandmates, who I also call my closest friends.

What has been one of the funniest moments you have been or took part while touring?

This tour has been super fun and I give the award for the funniest member of the tour to our manager Max. He has all of us cracking up constantly, but the funniest moment of the tour is probably too graphic to discuss in an interview. We also named our van after a friend of ours which has given us countless laughs.

Where can we find more about your music?

You can find our music on Facebook, iTunes or any other online distributor.

Are there any more plans for the future?

Our plans are to expand on what we have been doing, which is more touring and attempting to finish up some recordings as well as constantly writing.

Do you feel you are moving on the right direction?

I truly believe that we are moving in the right direction. The most important thing is allowing our sound to evolve and we are always doing that.

- See more at: - Vents Magazine

"Live Sessions With Sins of The Loose Buttons"

While most bands in college are laying out the groundwork for their first local gig, Sins of the Loose Buttons has already released an album, Silent Snow, and completed an East Coast tour, popping up in cities like Boston, Toronto and, of course, the 305.

If the name of their band doesn’t already grab your attention (it has so many origins even they can’t pin down where it came from), then the sounds and style of Eric Nizgretsky (vocals), Zack Kantor (guitar), Manny Silverstein (bass) and Kai Colucci (drums) will. Since 2007, the band has been hard at work producing their own music and packing venues with their high-energy performances and complex rhythm. Not even distance can act as sound barrier- Eric, Manny and Kai are all sophomores here at the U while Zach is a sophomore at Wesleyan University- as the band is currently working on their next ep.

Distraction was lucky enough to eavesdrop on Sins of the Loose Buttons at practice, bringing you the 411 on what makes this quartet tick, what’s next on their agenda and, most importantly, who in heaven’s name is “Lucy.” - Distraction Magazine

"Sins of the Loose Buttons release EP + headlines Bklyn Bowl on 07.16"

A band that left the majors to do things their own way back in 2011, Sins of the Loose Buttons has a huge amount of material collected over the past couple years. And all of it is about to come out on their debut EP 'Am Arcade.' The sometimes hard rock, sometimes funk-driven alt rock quartet will be releasing their debut on June 2nd, and planning on celebrating the release with a trip to the Northside Festival on June 16th and headlining Brooklyn Bowl on July 16th. Check them out and watch their new video for 'I Love Lucy' here. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - The Deli Magazine NYC

"Sins of the Loose Buttons-I Love Lucy"

A Video Blog - Aputumpu

"On a ride with NYC's Sins of the Loose Buttons"

Anyone wondering what’s coming next for Brooklyn might take a look at the kids from Sins of the Loose Buttons. A high-energy quartet able to bring the party with them from Santos Party House down to last year’s Miami Music Festival, Loose Buttons wants nothing from their career but to give some of this energy back to anyone out there looking to bounce a beach ball the next show you head out to. Their debut ‘Silent Snow’ has all the potential of a group of dudes barely twenty, already tackling enormous harmonies and in some cases, complicated choreography.

The group should be announcing new dates soon. Download their record from iTunes in the meantime, and check out the band take the city by music and bicycle in their video for ‘Retrobox’ below. - The Deli Magazine NYC

"Music Video: Sins of the Loose Buttons-Retrobox"

I used to babysit frontman Eric Nizgretsky back in the day but after seeing his latest music video, "Retrobox", by Sins of the Loose Buttons, it seems that he has grown into a mature and refined musician, in no need of a babysitter. The music video is set on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, showcasing the band's care-free lifestyle and musical talent. Check out Sins and get ready to sin.
- Unwritten Prophecy

"Sins of the Loose Buttons - Slow Burn"

This is an awesome chill indie track from Sins of the Loose Buttons, a alternative rock group from New York and who released their debut album early last year, "Silent Snow". - Peasant Noise

"Video: Sins of the Loose Buttons “Retrobox”"

NYC outfit Sins of the Loose Buttons recently released the music video for their latest single “Retrobox“. The band’s major label debut “Silent Snow” was released early this year. Check out their music! - Indiependent Music

"**NEW** Sins of the Loose Buttons"

New band to BOG, Sins of the Loose Buttons hail from NYC. Eric Nizgretsky, University of Miami student (lead singer) of SOTLB contacted me and hit me up with these two NEW singles which will be off of their up coming album expected to drop this summer on Itunes. Read below for more about SOTLB and make sure to check out the two tracks below available for download but also show your support for the band by purchasing the tracks via Itunes.

Retrobox - Bag of Goodz


Still working on that hot first release.



Sins of the Loose Buttons started playing gigs around New York City back in 2007, when the oldest member of the band was just 15. For a group in their early 20s, the boys have played around 30 venues in New York City, most of them multiple times. They have the experience of a band almost twice their age. It was all fun and games back in 2007, and Sins of the Loose Buttons have kept that carefree, doing it for the love of the music attitude with them, even as their music has matured tenfold, developing into the signature blend of indie, alternative, electronic rock they play for audiences around the U.S.A today. After making their major label debut with 2011's "Silent Snow", the band took a brief hiatus before reforming under their own independent label and taking the world by storm at music festivals around the U.S. (Northside Festival, CBGB Festival, Miami Music Festival, Amnesty International Music Festival), their own 2012-2013 international headlining tour and of course local gigs at venues ranging from the 500-cap Gramercy Theatre and Brooklyn Bowl to intimate but legendary NYC staples like Cafe Wha, The Bitter End and one of the last shows ever at Kenny's Castaways. The band's first independent release, their debut EP "AM Arcade", came out back on June 2nd, 2013 following a music video for their lead single "I Love Lucy", which can be seen here: