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EP - Ladies, Released December 12th, 2006




Loose Handles formed in and around the spring of 2004, deep in the heart of Beaver Valley, Ontario. They currently call the Town of Blue Mountains home. Loose Handles recorded and produced a six song EP in the spring of 2006, entitled 'LADIES' which was released December 12th, 2006. With official release parties at Clinton's Tavern in Toronto, and Ironworks in Clarksburg, Loose Handles performed both event's to enthusiastic, sold out crowds.

Loose Handles hosts a bi-yearly home show at Ironwork's, that caters to indie, underground music in an area that otherwise lacks in this type of entertainment. Loose Handles consistently gives "up and coming" bands a chance to showcase their material to a select, focused audience, in a venue that is personal and comfortable, yet maintains the punk-rock grassroots integrity.


Matthew (Kentrock) Kentner - Bass/Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Born January 27, 1974 in Brampton, Ontario, Kentrock started his rock career at the tender age of 14. By the time he reached 20, he had become an influential musician and advisor in London, ON. With brief stints in Licorice Fix (later Spyglass), Audiowreck, and Sonic Unyon artists the New Grand, the man was unstoppable.

Fed up with the current state of modern music, Matt went on a mission to pull some people together in an area lacking in new music, where most bands were content to play covers on a Tuesday night.

Combined with the opportunity to co-write and record over six full lengths and hundreds of songs, Matt finally moved on to create and build his own project. With the help of "Streak" Johnson, Loose Handles came into being.

Christopher (Streak) Johnson - Lead Guitar

Chris and Matt met in the fall of 2002, which was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Deep in the heart of Beaver Valley, they spent four years working together by day and crafting what would eventually become Loose Handles by night. Streak isn’t shy when it comes to his guitar, and doesn’t back down when playing bass or adding backing vocals. It's not uncommon to see Streak fallen to his knees in a fit of whirling guitar frenzy, donning hot pink, leopard-print spandex.

Chris was born March 25, 1983, whereabouts unknown. Some say he was found in the center of a crop circle as an infant, but this has yet to be confirmed. Chris is a hard working farm boy, who knows the value of a solid days work. Put simply, Streak is the balls of the group and is not afraid to show them, nor will he sit idly by and have them broken!

Mike (Nagstroom) Nagy - Drummer

After searching and processing many a drummer over the last four years, Nagy took the drum stool from the Whitby-based modern rock outfit Sell Out Phoenix, and dragged it on over to the Loose Handles camp. Born October 26, 1984, in Whitby, Ontario, Nagy is the youngest of the group and has proved himself to be the missing link that tightened Loose Handles.

Within weeks of him joining, they were in the studio recording with an intensity previously untapped. What Nagy lacks in style he makes up for in performance. His skills are slammin’ and he brings down the house every show.


Loose Handles plan to continue perfecting their craft while bringing it to the masses. They are consistently writing and devising new ways to make people feel through music. A full-length record is in the works, as well as two videos. Loose Handles are always looking for new markets and venues to share their sound with.

Loose Handle started a relationship with ShiStar Entertainment in 2006, who share similar views on the DIY punk culture. They will continue to work with them in the future, helping to establish and spread the sound of sound.