Loose Marbles

Loose Marbles


Original Alternative Modern Rock band. Catchy hooks and ready to go radio songs. Go to www.theloosemarbles.com for further info


Loose Marbles are anything but Loose. They are a tight original Rock band voted one of the Hudson Valley's best local acts of the year. Loose Marbles have ready to go Radio rock songs. Loose Marbles song writing is one of the best around. Loose Marbles can compete with any other talented signed act on the radio now. Loose Marbles have opened up for National Acts like Third Eye Blind, Sr-71, The Exies, Shades Apart and July For Kings. Loose Marbles are influened by Live,Matchbox 20, Beatles, Stones,Fuel and Our Lady Peace. Go to www.theloosemarbles.com for further info


"Jack of all trends" Released 2001
"Lost" Released 2003
Loose Marbles have been on the following radio stations 92.7 WRRV, 91.3 WVKR, and W.O.V INternet Radio

Set List

We usually play 1 hour sets of originals. Songs are Bring Me Down, Bleed, Century,Breaking Point, Lost, Just Like You, Sunday Evening, Can't get thru, All for You, Back In Line