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Whoa! Hold up! Mama gave birth to a star. Blessed with talent & a vision, ya boy came out swangin. I went from sangin in choirs & doin talent shows, to writing, producing, & recording my own music. Da only thang I can say now is "Look out world, we have a problem & it's comin from LOOZYANNA BOY!"


Born in 1980 to Joann Collins, Kirk Collins was destined for great things.

He has always had a thing for music. When he was young his mother would always have some of their old school favorites blasting at home or bumping in the car. Eventually, they became Kirk's old school favorites. But they didn't have anything on the new school hip-hop/rap and R&B. He quickly noticed the change in music and had a pretty good idea where it was heading. At the age of eleven Kirk was formally introduced to music when he started singing for the Winnsboro Junior High School chior. This gave him a more broad look at music. Kirk stayed in Winnsboro schools' chiors all the way through graduation from Winnsboro High School.

Kirk had the soul of a perfromer at a very young age. He was always trying to perform something he had written or something he heard on the radio for whoever would listen to him. Whether if it was singing at school during recess, a pep rally, or in class or if it was rapping at a talent show. It did not matter to him as long as someone was listening. He has peformed at plenty talent showcases.

And that's what Kirk Collins has been doing all of his life. Giving the gift of music to whoever wanted it or needed it. Music is his life. "It doesn't matter if I ever get a big record deal or if I ever make a dime, I will still continue to make music and more importantly love music", says Kirk.

Now Kirk is the co-CEO/artist of his self-started record label 8060 Entertainment with his best friend Jamel Johnson. They are located in the Washington, DC area. They have already released their first album as a label from Kirk Collins aka LOOZYANNA BOY, "Welcome to Winnsboro vol. 1" and are receiving great reviews and sales. They will be releasing "Welcome to Winnsboro vol. 2" very soon.

Some of Kirk's influences include God, his parents, his fellow Loozyanna Boyz who are Big Bob, and Smiley G. Also Lenny Williams, R. Kelly, & Jamie Foxx, to L.L. Cool J, N.W.A., U.G.K., Tha Ghetto Boys, Tha Hot Boys, & Ludacris are some of his top influences.

The thing that sets Kirk Collins aka LOOZYANNA BOY apart from everyone else is his love and passion of music. "Like I said, I love music. Every song I write, produce, or perform I put every single inch of my heart and soul into it. And when you listen to my music, you will feel it deep down in your soul and you will know that I put more than everything I had into it."


Loozyanna Boy has written and recorded over 60 hip-hop/ Rap and R&B songs including his debut album Welcome to Winnsboro vol. 1 with hot tracks such as: My Hustle, Over Wit', Friend Like Me, and Wut it Do.

Welcome to Winnsboro vol. 1

1. Out dat Boot pt.2
2. Kirk Collins
3. 4 those who don't know
5. Don't Play
6. My Hustle
7. Over Wit'
9. Dis sh** go HARD
10. Smoke with me
11. Wut it do
12. Friend Like Me
13. Trynna F@%k 2
14. Bad B!tch
15. Play it How it Go
16. Don't Talk
17. Hustlin' & Strugglin'
18. Outro

Set List

Loozyanna Boy has enough material for a three hour show, but perfers the one to one and a half hour shows in order to perform his strongest material.