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If These Walls Could Talk

Written By: Lora Koons

If These Walls Could Talk
by Lora Koons
February 2010

How many weary travelers
have stared out this window,
thinking about their families at home?
How many times has this room
seen marriage vows broken,
and afterward heard lying on this phone?
The single mom who makes this bed,
she’s just trying to get ahead.
The businessman who eats here all alone.

If these walls could talk,
what would they say about those who
in these rooms have stayed?
A snapshot of the secret lives
of folks with dreams like yours and mine.
I’ll never know their face or names,
but in one way we’re all the same.
We’d hear about both joy and pain,
if these walls could talk.

How many families on vacation
have walked through this doorway,
spending time together finally?
How many high school teams have
watched this TV all night,
celebrating winning the big game?
Couples on their honeymoons,
sleeping in all afternoon.
The writer on a deadline
pouring from this coffeepot.


The hopeless eyes this mirror shared
with a girl who’s too scared to live
and barely hanging on,
just like me?
The hands that have opened this book,
found it in a drawer and looked
and finally found some hope,
just like me?

If these walls could talk, I bet they’d say,
“Everything will be okay.
Welcome to the human race,
we’ve all at times been your place.
So go on out and live your dance,
we all deserve a second chance,
the dawn always follows the dark”
if these walls could talk,
if these walls could talk.