Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project


Jazz, funk, house, and all of that good stuff, all together in one act. Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project is a band that blends the sounds of funk, house, jungle, and dub and combines it with the skill and improvisation of jazz. What you get is a smart, infectious sound.


Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project is a jazz-funk act that uses the classic sounds of old-school jazz and acid jazz, and brings it into the new century by mixing it with sounds influenced by house, drum&bass and hip-hop. Never sounding like a funk band trying to play jazz or a jazz band trying to play funk, the Nu-Jazz Project has actually found a way to bring out the true sound of Nu-Jazz: keeping it live, keeping it hot and keeping it real. Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project is artistic in its improvisations and passionate in the feel it exudes. You can sit back and listen or dance to the grooves. .... The players are hot and the tunes are cool. Their shows should not be missed



Big Baby (released Dec. 15, 2010)
Bluer Blue (to be released late December, 2010)


The Nu-Standards (to be released Feb. 2011)