Lordd Virgil

Lordd Virgil


American Rock - Bigger and Better than Ever Before!


"LORDD VIRGIL is exactly what's missing from today's rock scene", says the consummate showman, who's name is the same as the band he created. "Lordd Virgil is not your typical cookie-cutter modern rock band with a cookie-monster singer that sings about the depressions of being a millionaire rock star that was dumped by a fashion model." With a sound that runs headfirst into the future of heavy rock, Lordd Virgil still gives a nod and a wink to the past. "My vision has always been to take the heavy guitars of Godsmack and Disturbed, give it a strong pop appeal and wrap it up in a KISS meets Alice Cooper show", explains Virgil. Along with securing a management contract and becoming a BMI affiliate, recent highlights for the act include a nomination for best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band for their local Bay Area Music Awards. Making several appearances on the IUMA Top 20 list was another high-point. "The most fun I had this year was playing in front of over 800 sixth-through-twelfth-grade students at Clare Middle School Auditorium in Clare, MI", said Virgil, referring to a show in October that was sponsored by the D.A.R.E. program. Everyone that is a fan of good-time, high-energy, theatrical rock loves Lordd Virgil's performance as well as the music. Embellished with two twelve-foot archways, and eight-foot logo, makeup, costumes, and enough pyrotechnics to level a small city, a Lordd Virgil performance is an experience that has to be witnessed to be believed.


It Won't Stop

Written By: ©2003 Lordd Virgil Enterprises (BMI)

Candle threads open up the way
Foreshadow this space and time
Senses ache for a minuete
The voltage at its prime

Soak the night in seamless change
Season of a bedlam spree
Kneel the way for another chance
Coalescing what will be

I can't shake this
It won't let me go
It's got a hold on me
It won't stop

I can't give it up
I'll give it all I got
It's got a hold on me
It won't stop

I need to see you with my hands
Taste you with my eyes
Feel the scent of passion's kiss
A whisper in disguise

The last night we first touched
The fever of youe chill
You're Cleopatra in my Rome
When I break down your will

Let me take you to the place that I hold oh so high
And open you up to the way I see
I know I can make you ask for things you only dream
I'll show you everything you do to me

Ashes to Ashes

Written By: ©2003 Lordd Virgil Enterprises (BMI)

Once when I was a younger man
I found my other self in you
It's all turned to ashes in my hands
I wonder if one word you said was true

Nobody's gonna love you
Like I do

Don't bother crying, it's too late
You've burnt your biggest bridge to date
Your love is killing me
Ashes to ashes
You smothered my love with your hate
Then let the passion suffocate
Your love is killing me
Ashes to ashes

You played me for the fool you knew I'd be
Host of your parasitic life
Choosing your delusions carefully
Then cut away my heart strings knife

Nobody's gonna love you
Like I do

I give and all you do is take
You washed your hands and sealed your fate
Your still pushing me away
It's all becoming ashes in my hands


Written By: ©2003 Lordd Virgil Enterprises (BMI)

Is who I am
Someone you can feel
But you can't see
I'm every little place
You thought you'd be

I'm pain
That's why I am
The first thing you feel
when you come alive
And the very last thing
Just before you die

First cousin of pleasure
Sister named agony
Come and let me seduce you
Into my family

Is all you feel
In the open cuts you made
With a rusty razor blade

I'm pain
That's all I am
Cross my heart
And hope you die
I'll stick a broken needle
In your eye

Let me introduce you
To my little game
Come and let me seduce you
I'll hear you scream my name

So you want to
Know my name
Let me introduce you
To my friend pain

Don't stop me now
I'll rip the flesh
Right off your bones
Then leave you there
To die alone

Come take my hand
I'm gonna make
You understand
That I just don't give a damn

Tip of My Tongue

Written By: ©2003 Lordd Virgil Enterprises (BMI)

I can't hardly sleep at night
I can't seem to feed my appetite
I promise that I won't bite
If you give me half a chance
I just might do anything you like

I got you on the tip of my tongue
I can't help myself
I can't help myself
I got you on the tip of my tongue
I can't help myself
I can't help myself

I hate to see it go to waste
I make it a point to clean my plate
I, can you see it on my face
I like the thrill of the kill
Instead of just the thrill of the chase
Give me a little taste

From the bottom to the top
I promise I won't miss a drop
Until you're begging me to stop
On the tttip of my tongue

Upside down and inside out
Let me teach you all about it
Till you just can't live without it
On the tttip of my tongue

Turn it up I'll turn you on
Even when your clothes are on
I want to hear you sing my song
On the tttip of my tongue

There's no better time than now
For me to show you how
I've got a taste that's in my mouth
On the tttip of my tongue

I need a fix and you're the one
You're the one so won't you come
And gimme gimme gimme some
On the tttip of my tongue


(untitled) - release Spring 2007
Anno Domini - released 2003 Produced by John Hughes II
Carpe Diem - released 1999 Produced by Lordd Virgil

Set List

A Lordd Virgil performance is generally one blistering 30 to 110 minute set of original rock music from their three CDs. The arena-like show includes large stage props, pyrotechnics, and the band in makeup and costumes where applicable.

Lordd Virgil has performed at the following venues:
Al Rosa Villa Columbus, OH
Anshutz Café Breckenridge, MI
California’s Windsor, ON
Canada’s Wonderland Toronto, ON
Capitol Theater Flint, MI
CBGB’s New York, NY
Cedar Point Sandusky, OH
Chez Maurie St Lazar, QE
Chicaferde Venice, Italy
Clare Middle School Auditorium Clare, MI
Clio Ampatheater Clio, MI
Clio Bowling Arcade Clio, MI
Club 20 Midland, MI
Club Eastbrook Grand Rapids, MI
Club Shadows Evart, MI
Contos Flint, MI
Country Lounge Midland, MI
DeTour Village Harbor Marina DeTour, MI
DJ’s Lounge Farwell, MI
Dog Water Café Largo, FL
Duggout Flint, MI
Fairbanks Inn Orlando, FL
Farwell Fairgrounds Farwell, MI
Harpos Detroit, MI