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The best kept secret in music



"(While) putting on a stage show that could rival an arena act, (Lordd) Virgil plays party rock music. And the fans love it."
Scott Baker
Bay City Times
Bay City, MI

"Though he's from Michigan, Lordd Virgil sounds like he was born and bred in L.A., with a style that combines ballsy Hard Rock (touched by the blues) and the requisite lighter-flicking Metal balladry."
Jesse Terry
Staff Writer
Philidelphia, PA

(The) lead singer sounds a bit like the guy in Monster Magnet."
The Tourist
Johannesburg, South Africa

"I know they (Lordd Virgil) are going to go a long way!!!"
Dayle Greening
Alma, MI

"It's nice to know good Rock Music is still out there. I hope to see you guys playing in Nashville."
Tina Leighton
Nashville, TN

"I can TOTALLY hear the KISS and Alice Cooper influence...which is a good thing as I am a HUGE KISS fan!"
Denver, CO

"I thought the music was great!"
Oklahoma City, OK

Every time I listen to Carpe Diem, I have a new favorite! I'm a famished LORDD VIRGIL junkie, now."
Brenda Hibbler
Clarkston, MI
“Success will not be long off for these guys.”
St. Louis, MO
"I am more than impressed. I am awestruck"
Anjanette Breault
Mt Morris, MI

“Just plain weird. Very creative and interesting.”
Osaka, Japan

"Sweetness is all I have to say."
Adrian, MI

"I think you guys have really come close to perfecting a cool style."
Wantaugh, NY - Various


Virgil Brewer has found another higher calling for his alter ego.
A month away from the release of his sophomore album, titled "Anno Domini," Lordd Virgil is on the verge of starting a massive campaign to take the music back to the kids.
Known for his classic rock sounds think Kiss or Alice Cooper around the state, the 15-year music veteran has just come upon another door to open in his kingdom.
The 29-year-old remembered how live music awakened his senses in school and now wants to do the same for the next generation, beginning Monday.
The show is at Clare Middle School at 6:30 p.m. Monday, working with the D.A.R.E. program. Brewer said he will do one presentation for seventh- and eighth-graders and a second presentation the same day for ninth- through 12th-graders.
The evening's 90-minute performance will be open to the public.
As always, the Lordd Virgil show pulls out all the stops.
"It's the big show," said the guitarist/vocalist. "We're bringing in the big lights, the big P.A., the whole nine (yards). The biggest boots, the shiniest costumes, (and) the most outrageous make-up. We're bringing the pyro. We got the bombs and the sparks and the 11-foot Roman columns, large drum risers and the loudest, shiniest guitars you've ever seen in your life. We've got it all. I'm even playing piano on a song!"
With the pending success, Brewer figured the idealism will allow him to reach an audience that might otherwise miss the music.
"The idea is to do several schools across the state and across the country, primarily sticking with Michigan. If it turns out well, then we'll take it elsewhere.
"I remember back from when I was in high school, there were bands that would come to the school and play shows. An officer would get up and tell kids, 'You don't drink and drive, you don't do this, don't do that,' and the music would draw the kids. These were really good bands."
Figuring that most venues he performs at are ages 21 and over, a school performance and a good cause is at the top of his list.
"I started thinking, every time I turn on the television there's another drug that kids are into," continued Brewer. "And there is more of a need for (music/drug programs) now and nobody's doing it. So I thought, instead of watching it go by and complaining about it, I decided to do something about it.
" I talked to Neal Erickson, who is working as my manager, and I asked him if he thought it was a good idea. And he said if we gave it a shot, he'd start it in his home town of Clare. That way we would be local, oversee it and have a better idea of what was going on."
While Brewer intends to put the music first, the event will be sponsored by the Clare Chapter of D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).
"This is going to be kind of a showcase to get other D.A.R.E. programs involved and other schools involved," said Brewer. "As well as being open to the public, there will be a lot of people watching us to see if this goes over well. If it seems to be effective, then we are going to contact their schools and try to book a similar show at their school.
"This suits us so well because we're doing all original music. We're not playing a lot of cover tunes, and that doesn't really go over well in bars. I think our show and the music is geared towards the kids."
This will also be one of the first appearances for new lead guitarist Chris Hoyt.
"Chris Hoyt has been with us since Mother's Day," said Brewer. "He's the newest member of the band. I can't say enough good things about the guy. He's specifically a very hot rock 'n' roll guitar player. The years have gone by without guitar heroes, and Chris is definitely a guitar hero.
"Tony Smith is on the drums, Rob Johannis (on bass). Tony Smith has been with me five years. Rob Johannis has been with me since 1989. Lordd Virgil even dates back further than that."
The band are proud to have D.A.R.E. in support of the original music scene and what it may offer the kids.
"The liaison officer that we've been working with, Alan White, has been playing this stuff for the school kids, and they're really digging it," said Brewer. I'm just guessing, but it might be because there aren't really any new bands that are playing melodic and positive rock 'n' roll and exciting fun stuff.
"This show is the catalyst for what we hope to be shows all school year long. We'll take it to fairs and festivals in the summer, and we'll do next school year, too.” - Bay City Times

"Rock Band Performs"

Michigan-based rock band Lordd Virgil takes its act to the Clare Middle School Auditorium for a 7 p.m. Monday concert.
Sponsored by the Clare Chapter of the DARE program, the concert, which is open to the public, showcases Lordd Virgil's rock and roll sounds as well as teaches the kids the importance of staying away from drugs, Virgil Brewer, also known as Lordd Virgil said.
"We're educating kids and they're getting exposed to our music," Brewer said.
"We're starting locally, but we hope to go all over the state and take it across the country if it lends itself to it. We want to play every school system from Livonia to Iron Mountain and not just limited to the Michigan area or the country."
Around since 1989 and originally formed in Flint, Lordd Virgil classifies themselves as a big show band with a lot of make-up and costumes, Brewer said.
"We always want to show respect for our audience by dressing up."
"We want to give something visually as well as audio. The show is the visual as-pect and we like to feed people's eyes as well as ears."
Growing up in Flint, Brewer said he fol-lowed the music of rock and roll bands like KISS, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Aerosmith and Queen. Current artists like Godsmack, BuckCherry and Kid Rock.
"I'm into bands that really have a good time."
In the process of releaseing their second album due out by Halloween, entitled "Anno Domini," ('Year of the Lord'), Lordd Virgil's first album was recorded almost entirely by Brewer himself at KLB Studios in Clare as a collection of demos to try for a record deal.
John Hughes II who has also worked with bands like George Clinton and David Sanborn produced the new album. The album was mixed using a console of Quincy Jones' used in production of the Michael Jackson album "Thriller."
"I accidentally sold a couple hundered out of my car with no band, no radio support or advertisement and thought maybe I've got something here," Brewer said.
The idea to play at schools came after Brewer recalled hearing previous bands at his school and realized kids nowadays need to be shown why they should say no to drugs and not just told to do so.
"I don't drink, do drugs or smoke and I think it's important kids know they don't have to do drugs to be successful and actually doing them usually leads to an early grave."
Brewer, who also writes all the bands songs, said it's not often that anyplace besides a bar will hire a rock band.
"I like people to be sober when they hear my music," he said.
As the concert approaches Brewer said the word is spreading fast.
"There is a huge buzz on this thing. It's turned into something much bigger than I anticipated and much quicker."
"The kids think they're excited, but we're more excited. As much fun as they will have, we're going to have more."
Lordd Virgil will also perform two 45 minute assemblies during school hours, one for grades 7-8, and a second for grades 9-12.
The evening concert is slated for 90 minutes, with full usage of props, pyrotechnics, make-up and costumes.
"We're going to bring an arena-sized concert to the school," Brewer said. - Morning Sun


(untitled) - release Spring 2007
Anno Domini - released 2003 Produced by John Hughes II
Carpe Diem - released 1999 Produced by Lordd Virgil


Feeling a bit camera shy


"LORDD VIRGIL is exactly what's missing from today's rock scene", says the consummate showman, who's name is the same as the band he created. "Lordd Virgil is not your typical cookie-cutter modern rock band with a cookie-monster singer that sings about the depressions of being a millionaire rock star that was dumped by a fashion model." With a sound that runs headfirst into the future of heavy rock, Lordd Virgil still gives a nod and a wink to the past. "My vision has always been to take the heavy guitars of Godsmack and Disturbed, give it a strong pop appeal and wrap it up in a KISS meets Alice Cooper show", explains Virgil. Along with securing a management contract and becoming a BMI affiliate, recent highlights for the act include a nomination for best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band for their local Bay Area Music Awards. Making several appearances on the IUMA Top 20 list was another high-point. "The most fun I had this year was playing in front of over 800 sixth-through-twelfth-grade students at Clare Middle School Auditorium in Clare, MI", said Virgil, referring to a show in October that was sponsored by the D.A.R.E. program. Everyone that is a fan of good-time, high-energy, theatrical rock loves Lordd Virgil's performance as well as the music. Embellished with two twelve-foot archways, and eight-foot logo, makeup, costumes, and enough pyrotechnics to level a small city, a Lordd Virgil performance is an experience that has to be witnessed to be believed.