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Lord Fowl

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Lord Fowl is a doomy yet melodic band with influences culled from the 70's rock and punk artists it's members grew up on as well as the sounds of motown and revolution their parents were diggin' on. We'll be rockin' from the womb to the tomb.


Back in 2006 Vechel and Donny had a conversation over drinks. They wanted to play music like the stuff they heard when they were younger. As kids they were enthralled by the arena acts of the 70's (Cheap Trick, Queen, Kiss) but also identified with the politics and ferocity of bands like The Clash and Black Flag. It was decided. They found a like-minded band mate in Mike Pellegrino, who was looking to depart from the sounds he made in Spring Heeled Jack, still a wildly popular band from the early 90's. Vechel had grown weary of the uber- violent CT hardcore scene which he had played a vital role in (having played in 100 Demons and Jasta 14, a band that at one time included Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta). Lord Fowl was immediately thrust into the "stoner" category, but upon watching their live show, it's hard to group them with some of the apathetic "hipster" bands they have shared a stage with. Lord Fowl jumps around. They perform. They are heavy but actually sing melodic vocal lines. And perhaps most importantly they care. They have retained that sense of outrage at the unjust world around them, an attitude that is common among people who grew up in the Reagan years.


Lord Fowl's first album is set to be released late August on FakeFour Inc. Records. The song "Eye of the Sun will be included on an Urban Outfitters local music compilation. The video for "Eye of the Sun" will be filmed in July.

Set List

Set List:
Coming Down Easy
Bird of Good Omen
The Torturer
Eye of the Sun
Sometimes the band throws in a Thin Lizzy or Butthole Surfers cover.